With ever-rising electricity bills and safety concerns due to occurrences like break-ins happening all over the country, every homeowner wants to make their home more safe and more energy-efficient.

Home upgrades such as LED lighting and solar panels help many homeowners save energy, while modern-day home security systems help keep people safe. There is another way, however, to ensure the security and energy efficiency of a home—window safety film installation.

Window safety film installation is an easy and cost-effective upgrade for any home, and it comes with a host of great benefits that make it an excellent investment for homeowners.

Here’s a look at the many ways installation of window safety film can make your home a safe environment and help you cut down on energy costs.

It can deter intruders

Over 51% of homes in the United States experience break-ins every year, and only 23% of Americans have home security systems installed. One of the easiest entryways for intruders is windows and glass doors.

Regular glass isn’t very resistant to impacts, and this makes them easy for intruders to break and enter a home. But you can prevent this with window safety film installation.

Window safety film adds an extra layer of protection to glass surfaces, making them stronger and more resistant to heavy impacts from hammers and other tools intruders may use.

You can also choose tinted window safety film to prevent intrusive views into your home, offering you and your family more privacy.

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It can help prevent injuries

Injuries due to broken glass are very common in households, especially those with many glass surfaces.

If you have children or pets, you’ll want to ensure that your glass windows and other glass surfaces are shatterproof to prevent injuries.

When installed, the window safety film will keep glass shards in place even after a pane breaks. This will prevent dangerous glass shards from being scattered inside your home, and in turn, prevent glass-related injuries.

It can regulate heat and cut energy costs

Maintaining an ideal climate in your home can be expensive when you have to rely on the air conditioner or HVAC system every day. What’s more, when indoor temperatures rise, your HVAC system or air conditioner will work harder to cool your space, using a lot more electricity than it needs to.

Sometimes, temperatures may not remain the same throughout your home and your HVAC system will need to use more power to cool down some rooms more than others. This could overwork your HVAC system and cause it to break down, potentially leading to expensive repairs.

Window safety film can make you rely less on your home’s climate control system by blocking out up to 66% of heat from sunlight. This will help you and your loved ones stay cool without using too much energy for air conditioning.

This window film can also help you save energy on heating during the cold months; thanks to its ability to reduce heat loss from windows and glass doors, it can act as a thermal shield that traps heat.

Overall, window film can help you cut energy costs by 40%.

It can help prevent health issues

Sunlight is important for a healthy life, but too much of it can be hazardous to your health.

Ultraviolet rays, a component of sunlight, can cause health issues in people who’re frequently exposed to it. These rays are classified as a “complete carcinogen”, which means that it tends to cause skin cancer.

Also, according to the National Institute of Health, UV rays may cause DNA damage and make skin age faster.

With window safety film installation, your windows can block 99% of these dangerous rays, protecting you and your loved ones from their harmful effects. Also, window film can help reduce glare from the sun, which will improve visual comfort and eye health.

Get your window safety film installation done by professionals

To get the best out of window safety film for your home, speak to a professional window film installer in your area.

With their expertise, you can be assured that your home will receive all the safety and energy efficiency benefits window film has to offer.

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