Security is more important than ever for people who own or manage commercial buildings. While conventional security methods such as guards, CCTV cameras, and alarms form the first line of defense, they may not be enough to protect your employees and sensitive assets from all potential threats. 


Many people think “bullet-proof” window film can be a helpful deterrent, but does it actually exist?

The Truth About “Bullet-Proof” Window Film

Despite what some people may call it, it’s important to note that no window film is technically “bullet proof.” While bullet-proof window film isn’t a real thing, there are impact-resistant varieties — more commonly referred to as security window film. It is a protective layer that is applied to the interior side of windows. 


However, these films are resistant to shattering and can hold glass in place, deterring unwanted entry and protecting your property.

How Security Window Film Protects Employees

The primary role of security window film is to provide an extra layer of protection for employees in your premises. In the event of an attack or accidental impact, the film can prevent injuries from flying glass shards.


The film works by absorbing the impact of a bullet, heavy object, or other force, spreading it across a larger surface area, and holding the shattered glass pieces together. As a result, if the glass breaks under impact, the film prevents it from shattering and flying around, which can cause further harm.

In a setting such as a busy office or school, every additional precaution can mean the difference between life and death. While some may debate the merits of various safety measures in active shooter situations, it’s hard to argue that a security window film doesn’t offer added protection for the people inside the building.

How Security Window Film Protects Sensitive Assets

Apart from protecting your employees, window films also play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive assets within your building. These could include expensive equipment, confidential documents, or valuable merchandise.


In retail stores, for example, security window film can deter smash-and-grab thieves who rely on breaking windows to quickly steal merchandise. The film holds the glass together even after impact, buying precious time for security personnel to respond.

The Installation Process of Security Window Film

The process of installing window film involves several steps. First, the existing window is thoroughly cleaned to ensure no dirt or debris interferes with the adhesive. The film is then carefully measured and cut to fit the window perfectly. 


Next, a special solution is sprayed on the glass before applying the film. Once the film is in place, it’s smoothed out to remove bubbles and ensure a firm fit, followed by the application of a structural sealant. Structural sealants, or attachments, are installed to hold the filmed glass securely to the frame. In the event that the glass is struck, the film holds the glass together in one sheet while the attachment adheres the glass to the frame, rather than collapsing into the building.


While it may seem like a simple process, professional installation is highly recommended. Professionals have the right expertise and tools to ensure the film is applied perfectly, maximizing its effectiveness.

Get Security Window Film From U.S. Film Crew

If you’re considering enhancing your building’s security — not bullet-proof — window film, U.S. Film Crew is here to help. We sell and install a wide variety of architectural window films, including the security-related variety. You can count on our team to perform your installation flawlessly, ensuring that you reap the benefits of this security measure for years to come.


Security window film provides an additional level of protection for your commercial building. And with professional installation from U.S. Film Crew, you can rest assured that your investment is well worth it.


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