There are a lot of factors that determine the success of a workplace—like aesthetic appeal, indoor comfort for employees and customers, and security.

Many modern workplaces also feature large windows and these play a role in increasing your commercial building’s curb appeal.

There are a few drawbacks to these large, expansive windows, however; they let in sunlight, which could cause glare and make the office too warm during the day, and they’re potential entryways for thieves.

A simple way to block out the sun would be to install curtains or blinds.

But while curtains can have appealing patterns, they completely block out sunlight, and finding a curtain that perfectly suits your workplace’s aesthetic can be time-consuming. Also, curtains won’t fortify your office’s windows against break-ins.

As far as blinds are concerned, they can be very gaudy and won’t look good on a workplace’s windows. A better alternative to blinds and curtains is commercial window film solutions, and here’s why.

They can prevent property damage from UV rays

Natural sunlight can make your workplace’s interior look beautiful during the day, but it also exposes your office assets to sunlight, and the UV rays in sunlight can potentially cause damage to your furniture or upholstery.

Using curtains or blinds to block out sunlight will make you rely on electrical lighting during the day, and you’ll obscure the view outside from your office. This is where commercial window film can help.

Commercial window film solutions like solar window film are designed to drastically reduce the UV rays entering your space, while still allowing enough light to enter your workplace during the day.

If you don’t want your workplace’s windows to look bland, you can always choose a window film that comes with a colored tint. Window film can also make your windows look attractive, rather than visually overwhelming.

They can beautify your windows

If you want your workplace windows to look good, let in a decent amount of light, and give your customer’s a bit of privacy—decorative window film is the way to go.

Decorative window film comes in a plethora of beautiful patterns that you can even have custom-made for your office, depending on the supplier. This window film can also provide a degree of privacy for your employees, without blocking out too much sunlight.

Many brands of modern decorative window film will also offer some UV protection.

They can make your workplace’s windows stronger

Unlike blinds and curtains, window film can help reinforce your workplace’s windows, helping them withstand potential break-ins.

Security window film, in particular, is designed to make glass very difficult to break. This can help protect your workplace’s assets from being stolen or vandalized. You can also choose a security window film that’s completely clear if you want to keep your windows perfectly see-through.

Another benefit of this type of window film is it keeps glass shards together even after the window is broken, and this can help prevent glass-related injuries to your staff members.

They can help you save energy

Keeping an office space running can be costly, and one of the biggest expenses involved is climate control.

Your workplace’s windows can let in a lot of heat during the day and this could cause your air conditioning system to work harder to keep your office space cool.

Blinds and curtains can trap heat from the sun inside your office space. Solar window film, in comparison, can reduce the amount of heat entering your workplace in the first place.

By keeping out the heat, solar window film will help make your air conditioner use less energy to cool your workplace, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Discover more window film alternatives to blinds and curtains

Window film can provide useful benefits to your commercial building and can help in its success in the long run.

If you’re looking for ways to use window film as an alternative to blinds and curtains, get in touch with a respected window film installation company today.

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