Torrential downpours and devastating winds can cause significant storm damage to homes, and many spend a lot of resources trying to board up their windows in the hopes that they can withstand the storm or minimize its impact.

Fortunately, shatterproof security window film, also called security window film, can be an easy and cost-effective way to keep your home safe and secure during extreme weather events.

Installing shatterproof security window film can seem like a simple addition to your home but it can help prevent damage that could cost up to thousands of dollars.

It’s also simple to install and can be the ideal solution if you’re in a hurry to get your window film up in time for a storm or hurricane. Here’s a look at a few ways security window film can protect your home during storms.

Makes your windows stronger

Most would agree that if a storm is on the horizon, boarding up your windows is a great way to deal with the debris flung from hurricanes. But boarding won’t always work and the boards themselves may get ripped off and even become dangerous projectiles.

With shatterproof security window film, you don’t have to worry about boards flying off and leaving your home vulnerable. Instead of leaving the safety of the windows to chance, a thick layer of window film can keep the glass together—even if it cracks.

This window film can also help prevent debris thrown about by storms from breaking through your windows, and since this window film can last over a decade when installed the right way, you can have protection against storms for a long time.

Prevents glass from shattering

Storms typically increase the likelihood of broken glass from your windows due to high winds and flying debris. Shattered glass during storms, hurricanes, or extreme weather is one of the most common ways that people get injured.

When the glass breaks, it can fly at accelerated speeds and seriously injure anyone inside the house or anyone who’s simply in the way.

Security window film is designed to prevent pieces of glass from falling apart. They hold the shattered pieces together, reducing the risk of injury and saving homeowners from having to clean up the mess.

Increases the security of your home

Intruders can be a problem after a storm hits. When Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans in August of 2021, court records show that more than 40 people were arrested for looting.

Aside from the damage that storms themselves can cause to homes, once the immediate threat is over and your boards have flown away exposing your home to looters, you may be in danger of losing the items you have secured in your home.

Security window film can be used to reinforce your home’s windows and other glass surfaces to prevent opportunistic intruders from trying to break in after your home is vacated for the storm.

Thieves or looters may need a bat or a weapon to break your reinforced windows and may need multiple attempts to get in. You can protect your belongings and family from potential threats that come with natural disasters that can leave your home vulnerable.

Helps you avoid damage to your home

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any home, especially during a storm, and can cause instant damage to your entire home if left unprotected. Aside from damaged windows, extreme weather conditions are known for ruining properties.

Many homeowners who fail to properly protect their windows end up having to clean up and fix not only the damage to their windows but also the interior of their home.

Security window film can help ensure that your windows remain intact, prevent the glass from shattering, and also avoid any debris or rain from getting inside your house and damaging your property.

Protect your home with shatterproof security window film

Security window film may seem like a simple addition to your home, but it can give your home a considerable amount of protection when installed by a professional. From deterring intruders to making your home more stormproof, these window films offer many benefits.

Get in touch with a well-known window film installation company in your area to experience the benefits of security window film today!

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