Careful and deliberate actions can go a long way toward preserving the lives of our feathered friends. With the awareness building around the issue of bird collisions with our windows, it becomes essential to discover new and innovative solutions.


Introducing SOLYX® bird safe window film, a versatile film created to protect our avian wildlife without compromising aesthetics. U.S. Film Crew is proud to present a solution that combines practicality and aesthetic appeal, making it the perfect option to enhance your windows.

The Growing Concern for Bird Collisions

Bird-window collisions pose a real issue for homes and wildlife alike, impacting countless birds each year. Birds are often confused by the reflective and transparent surfaces of windows, which can result in them flying into your glass panels at high speeds. This unfortunate situation can prove damaging to your windows and often fatal for the birds.


As urbanization continues to rise and glass becomes more prevalent in architectural design, the importance of this issue has reached new heights. Homeowners everywhere can take proactive steps in order to protect their local bird populations and prevent expensive damage to their windows.

SOLYX® Bird Safe Window Film

SOLYX® bird safe window film offers the ideal solution for bird safety while still maintaining a beautiful appearance. This innovative film is available in a variety of styles, all of which prevent the reflective nature that causes birds to fly into windows. 

Bird Safe Window Film Features

The primary advantage of SOLYX® bird safe window film is promoting bird safety by adjusting the transparency of glass surfaces. The film even comes with a variety of subtle designs to indicate a barrier and reduce the odds of a collision.


Best of all, this bird safe window film achieves all of this without sacrificing beauty or natural light. This means that your space will remain bright and inviting, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere both inside and out.

A Customizable Approach to Bird Safety

If you’re looking for the perfect way to make your home, office, or store more bird friendly, SOLYX® bird safe window film has your windows covered — literally! Choose from a vast selection of beautiful, unique, and practical finishes to make your windows stronger, smarter, and bird safe.

Your Trusted Providers for Bird Safe Window Film

Bird safe window film is more than a passing fad; it represents a significant effort to protect the health and safety of local wildlife while simultaneously safeguarding your property. Outfit your windows with safety and sophistication with SOLYX®. 


If you’re one of the countless environmentally-conscious homeowners across the United States, U.S. Film Crew is your trusted team for professional bird safe window film installation. Our trained specialists provide flawless installation, ensuring that the film adheres firmly to your glass for long-lasting performance. 


Rest easy knowing that we’re just as dedicated to environmental safety as you are. Your windows — and the birds — will thank you.


Help us create a safer environment for both us and them. Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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