Removing window film is perhaps the last thought to come into your mind when you have it installed.

However, the adhesive bond holding the film in place will eventually break down over time. As it starts to show indications of wear and tear, you should realize it won’t be long until the adhesive no longer adheres to the glass. For that reason, you need to come up with a practical way to remove it. Lucky for you, we’re here to show you how to remove window film.

What are the most commons reasons for window tint removal?

Below are two of the most common reason for tint removal:

Fading & Bubbling

Typically, when window films pass their warranty date, which can range anywhere from 10-20 years, the dye may begin to fade or start to bubble. Its inability to safeguard your indoor space from dullness, UV rays, and mother nature will inevitably become a turn-off for you and your guests. For those reasons, we recommend that you contact a window film company when you begin noticing signs of fading or bubbling as they can impact the overall aesthetics of your space.

Tint Discoloration

After several years, the tint on your window film may begin to fade. This condition requires your attention. Despite its looks, the tint cannot protect your indoor space from UV rays and regular inner temperature. In many cases, the tint becomes purple and the dye becomes permanent.

Can you show me how to remove window film?

There are a couple of options you can consider when removing your window film. See below for some of the most common methods of window tint removal:

Method #1: Removal with Soapy Water

  1. You can use a spray bottle here. Spray the soapy water on the film to lessen the film’s durability. With a scraping knife, peel the film from top to bottom. Do the same process until the entire sheet is peeled off.
  2. Finish the removal of the window film by cleaning the window’s surface with water. By doing this, it will help you remove the extra stickiness and residue from the adhesive. In addition, the surface of your glass will be clean, which allows you to install new window film.

Method #2: Removal by Soapy Ammonia

  1. Start by filling a spray bottle with a soapy ammonia solution. Spray it on the window film until it’s totally soaked. Allow it to sit for some time before it dries. Note: this step may take more time than you expect. If you want to speed up the process, you can also wrap a plastic cover all over the film and have it sit over night, trapping the moisture to help soften the adhesive. Just remember that ammonia fumes can be toxic to your health. Make sure there is proper ventilation when doing this.
  2. Peeling off the film will take less time after you remove the tint. The sheet becomes weak and comes off smoothly. Use a razor blade to remove the film and strip the sheets from the edges.
  3. Apply heat through a blow dryer with one hand. You can handset an angle with the other hand to peel the film with a sharp razor blade.
  4. Ensure you wipe any sticky residue or dirt after peeling the film. You can use a simple water or an ammonia-based cleaner in this step.
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