U.S. Film Crew (USFC) was hired by CMU to provide and install security window film on five of its campus buildings in anticipation of the G-20 Summit and the potential for property destruction by protestors.

The project required specialized expertise to accomplish inside/outside installations, a complicated wet-glaze attachment system on a very tight schedule. “It was not a simple job. It was a complex five building project that had to be done quickly,” said Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) facility manager Ron Cunningham, with regard to the University’s security upgrade for the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA. The goal was to improve security for the buildings and provide increased safety for the building occupants. “Window film gives us extra response time, it prevents glass from spraying and it limits additional damage. Leading up to the G-20 – the atmosphere in our building was very stressful; a lot of high-anxiety and concern about what was to come. Having the window film installed made the organization feel much safer.”

“The job was slated to take two weeks and there was a lot of pressure to have it finished before the G-20 Summit,” said Cunningham. USFC’s experience and expertise in installing security films and attachment systems resulted in completing the job ahead of schedule.

The facility manager’s expectations were exceeded. “Though I had my own sense of quality control about the job, Glenn also had his. U.S. Film Crew’s performance exceeded my expectations. We have worked with other window film companies who don’t have a foreman on site…but with USFC, the president Glenn Yocca was always nearby to answer my questions and he always had a foreman on site”

On September 24, 2009, the G-20 Summit leaders arrived in Pittsburgh along with the protestors. Protestors did damage a number of business and buildings, including one building to which USFC had applied film. “Yes, there were three panes of glass broken at one of our buildings, but the security film did its job. There was no additional damage done, the glass did not fall in and the windows, though shattered, stayed in place. In fact, it worked so well that one of the bricks that hit the window broke in half,” said Cunningham.

After such a large international gathering and the installation of the safety and security films on an accelerated schedule, Cunningham summed up CMU’s experience with U.S. Film Crew: “It was the type of quality and customer service we look for and appreciate. [Their] expertise and experience in window film applications and the efficiency of Glenn’s crew allowed us to accomplish our goal on time and with clean results. I would say that, with USFC you will get courtesy, flexibility, honesty and a clean install done right the first time and on time or better.”

For more information, please contact U.S. Film Crew President: Glenn Yocca, [email protected].

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