When it comes to your property, you can never be too careful when it comes to safety and security.

Are you a property manager concerned about burglaries and vandalism (or) a homeowner who would like an extra layer of protection for your family? If so, you may be wondering if there is a way to enhance security without relying on a alarm system and/or putting up unsightly gates around your windows.

And while alarm systems and gates provide ‘active’ means of protection, there are also ‘passive’ means of protection that property owners and homeowners should consider. Passive mediums of security, such as safety and security window film, provide a similar level of protection and do not run the risk of technological failure (e.g. power outages). Not only that, they work for both residential and commercial applications, are affordable, and do have any aesthetic setbacks. These films serve their purpose of protection and allow you to enjoy the transparency offered by the glass window panes.

If you’re looking for an effective way to protect your property then security window film is the perfect solution to your dilemma. And the benefits of the film go far beyond keeping your property safe. See below for a list of additional benefits that safety window film offers:

1. Protection From Intruders

While alarm systems may help mitigate forced entry, it doesn’t deter the intruder from damaging your property or stealing your belongings. Security window film is a great way to stop thieves in their tracks. When they try to break your window, the glass will break but remain in place.

2. Protection From Natural Disasters

Both buildings and homes are susceptible to high-speed winds from hurricanes and tornadoes. If strong enough, the combination of wind and debris will inevitably shatter your glass windows and create further damage to the inside of your property. Safety and security window film acts as strong adhesive in the window panes and does not allow your glass it to shatter easily.

3. Protection From Bird Strikes

There are numerous instances of bird strikes throughout the United States. Many commercial spaces are prone bird strikes in high rise buildings, which tampers the installed glass and requires replacement. Since most new buildings are 60% glass, it makes sense to have them treated with bird-deterrent window films, imprinted with patterns that keep the birds from flying into what they might otherwise see as clear sky.

4. Protection From Harmful UV Rays

Safety and protection are very similar, but also very different. Window film helps provide safety from burglaries and damages, but it also can help protect ourselves from sun damage. Security window films are developed to protect your property’s interior by filtering out 99% of harmful UV rays. So go ahead and crack them blinds up and get peace-of-mind knowing that you, your employees, and family will be protected from the sun.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics

Safety and security films come in a variety of tints and colors, providing you with the options to supplement the aesthetics of your building. With a wide range of opacities, these window films will help you design your building into a safe and beautiful space.

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