For many businesses, remodeling is a good way to keep their offices looking fresh and a great way to reflect the quality of their brand.

One easy way to remodel your office is to install 3M decorative window film.

Despite its simplicity, this window film can offer many benefits to workplaces; for instance, businesses can save up to 30% in the first year after installation.

Decorative window film by 3M is of very high quality and they come in many beautiful designs and colors. This gives you a variety of options to choose from when picking the right window film for your office space.

3M window film solutions are also installed by professionals, and this ensures that there will be little to no wastage of the product and that the film will last a long time. Here’s a deeper look into how decorative window film by 3M can help your workplace save money.

By saving money on utility bills, energy costs, and HVAC maintenance

To keep temperatures favorable for your staff and clients, the building’s HVAC system may need to work full-time during the summer, and this can lead to some considerably high electricity bills. 3M decorative window film, however, can help block out most of the heat from sunlight, helping to keep your office interiors cool and allowing you to make energy savings up to 30%.

Alternatively, during the winter months, this window film can trap heat, keeping your office warmer and making you rely less on the HVAC for heating.

By avoiding costly damage to your furnishings and flooring

Improper cleaning and friction aren’t the only ways your office’s furniture and floorings can be damaged; the sunlight can damage them too.

UV rays from sunlight can cause fading in furniture after prolonged exposure. These damages are usually irreparable and you may need to replace the furniture if the fading gets worse. Getting new furniture can be expensive, and it can be a hassle, especially when you have to look for a set that matches your workplace’s aesthetics.

3M decorative window film can block out 99% of UV rays from the sun, protecting your furniture and floorings from sun damage. In addition, despite the patterns in the film, it will still allow plenty of natural light to enter your office, allowing you to maintain a healthier work environment.

By increasing usable office space and productivity by reducing glare

Glare can be very difficult to deal with. It can hurt your eyes, cause distractions, and make it difficult to work behind computer screens. It’s important to let in plenty of light, but the glare from sunlight can become unbearable during the day.

Too much glare can potentially cause discomfort for employees and reduce productivity. While curtains and blinds can help eliminate glare, they will also block out light completely, causing you to use electric lighting—even during the day.

With 3M decorative window film, you can eliminate glare while still allowing a generous amount of sunlight in to keep your office interiors illuminated during the day and your staff to work anywhere in the office they want without having to worry about glare.

By eliminating the cost of window replacement

Etched windows can add a lot of beauty to a workplace, but replacing your workplace’s window glass with new etched glass can be very expensive. It can also cause unwanted delays at work.

Instead, decorative window film can be used to change the way your windows look, without needing to replace your window glass at all. As long as your existing windows have smooth glass surfaces, the film only needs to be applied to them.

This way, you can give your windows an aesthetic boost and save a lot of money on costly window upgrades.

Talk to a professional about 3M decorative window film today

3M is one of the leading window film manufacturers in the world, and this is reflected in the quality of its window film solutions.

If you’re planning on giving your workplace an affordable yet worthwhile aesthetic upgrade, speak to a professional 3M window film installer today and experience the many benefits of 3M window film solutions.

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