Installing a window film is the perfect upgrade that can boost the value of a residential building.

Beyond just the aesthetics and the property value it adds, a window film can also perform multiple other functions like blocking the sunlight and street glare, reducing your energy costs, and protecting your loved ones from harmful UV rays.

While there are many different types of window film solutions, residential window film is specifically made to meet the needs of residential buildings like houses and apartments.

These come in various designs making it easier to get both your functional and aesthetic needs in one.

Why install a window film in your home?

There are multiple benefits of installing a window film in your home.

It blocks out the light and the heat from the sun, reducing the amount of time you have to run your HVAC system to maintain the interior temperature at favorable levels.

They are also the best solution to add privacy, especially when curtains and blinds are not practical enough for the situation. For instance, you can use window film in a bathroom to enhance privacy.

When you apply a window film for your front door and windows, it will create a safe space that you can rest and relax without worrying about prying eyes.

Window film can also increase the durability of glass. If you want to protect your windows from scratches, cracks, and breaks, window film is the perfect solution for you.

Window film solutions can even protect your home against thefts by increasing your windows’ shatter resistance.

By installing a window film, you can rest assured knowing that your windows will last for a long time and protect you from thieves.

What are the main types of window film I can use?

Pick the best choice of residential window film based on your functional or decoration needs.

Solar Window Film

UV rays are becoming one of the biggest threats of nature, and this is no different when you are inside the house.

With its potency to cause cancers and eye defects and wear down the interiors of buildings, they are harmful to humans and property alike.

Fortunately, a solar window film can reduce UV damage by reflecting the light and the heat of the sun. It blocks 99% of the UV rays and keeps your family and property safe from these harmful rays.

Decorative Window Film

If you want to add a dash of color and decor to your home or just bring some extra privacy, a decorative window film can do the job for you.

Instead of plain old glass, choose from a range of designs that add life and vibrancy to the way your home looks.

The patterns on them can obscure the view from outside, giving you some extra privacy to chill in your safe haven.

Security Window Film

There are also films available to protect from accidental or intentional impacts. These are best suited for homes in areas that face extreme weather like cyclones and storms or have high burglary rates.

A security window film prevents the glass from shattering, increasing the durability of your doors and windows.

Bird Safety Window Film

Every year, about one billion birds die as a result of window collisions.

Bird safety film solutions prevent this from happening by eliminating reflections, deterring birds from flying into the glass.

If you live in an area with high bird populations or an area with bird migratory routes, consider getting these films installed. Not only will they protect your windows from damage from collisions, but they would also protect the fauna life near your home.

How long does residential window film last?

When properly maintained, a window film can last up to 15 years.

Window film solutions won’t accumulate dirt as quickly as glass and are easier to clean than windows without a film. To get rid of the most pollutants from the window film, you can use a mild dishwasher and water solution.

Never use strong detergents and washers on your window film, and always use smooth, soft fabrics to wipe off the water instead of coarse cloths.

How should I prepare for window film installation?

You can install a window film on any non-textured glass window, glass door, or glass partition walls.

Before the application, rinse your windows to get rid of any dirt or smudges. Thoroughly wipe and dry your windows after you’ve rinsed them.

Once cleaned, measure the area you want the film to be applied to find out how much window film you need to cover the whole area.

Residential window film: A cost-effective solution for your glass

To get the most of your window film, call a professional installer to apply it in your home.

Window film installation only takes a matter of minutes when there is a set of skilled and experienced hands handling it.

When applied right, you can enjoy the benefits for a long time!

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