With summer coming into full swing, it’s growing more important by the day to protect your home from the scorching heat and the damaging effects of harsh UV rays. Though we all love a bit of sunshine, few homeowners are actually aware of how detrimental prolonged sun exposure can be, even through windows. 


How can you save money and protect your property at the same time this summer?

Before You Google “Window Tint Installation Near Me”…

If you’ve already found yourself googling “window tint installation near me,” the good news is that you’re on the right track. Window tinting is an excellent way to beat the heat, save your wallet, and enjoy the comfort of your home during the sweatier summer months. 


From our experts here at U.S. Film Crew, here are a few things to know before deciding on which window tint installer to hire.

UV Protection

Unprotected windows, big or small, make for a critical point of vulnerability for your home. Under the glare of the summer sun at its brightest, your home’s interior is at the mercy of ultraviolet radiation (UV light, for short) coming through your windows.


There are a few dangers that come with UV light, both in terms of health and finances. For one thing, UV rays can cause fading in the colors of your furniture and disintegration of a multitude of otherwise sturdy materials. More than that, however, prolonged exposure to UV radiation is known to be a leading cause of skin damage and cancer. Solar control window film is an ideal way to protect against UV light by filtering it out before it enters your home.

Energy Efficiency

Windows are also a critical point when it comes to temperature control in your home. Especially during the hot summer months, the greenhouse effect can cause excessive heat gain as surplus light and heat enter through your windows. This can quickly become more than a mere inconvenience. As your HVAC system works harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, your monthly energy bill may skyrocket. 


In order to save money and maintain the comfort you deserve in your home, you need a more elegant solution. Window tinting is just that: a cost-effective, long-term solution to protect your home and your wallet.

Glare Reduction

We’ve all dealt with the age-old nuisance of sun glare while we’re trying to focus on a screen. Whether it’s your television set, your computer monitor, or your smart device, glare from the sun can make it impossible for you to actually see what you’re doing. Because moving the TV isn’t always a feasible option, many homeowners simply resort to closing the blinds or curtains, defeating the purpose of their windows entirely.


You should be able to have your windows and enjoy them, too! Window tint installation blocks out glare from the sun, allowing you to keep the view you love from your windows while still enjoying the Sunday night game on TV during the golden hour. 

Privacy Enhancement

What is your home really for, if not safety and privacy? Your ability to step away from the world and its many prying eyes is an essential component of what makes your house a home. 


Window tinting is a surefire way to preserve your privacy and keep you and your home protected. Best of all, there are dozens of specialized varieties of window film to choose from, each with its own benefits. Privacy window film, for example, typically reflects the sunlight back from the windows, creating a mirror-like effect on the outside while you can still see clearly from the inside.

Aesthetic Appeal

There are a few products on the market you may be surprised to discover when you search “window tint installation near me” in your web browser. In fact, there are plenty of homeowners who have no idea that purely aesthetic window film varieties exist. These are called decorative window films, and they’re a great way to customize your home with a unique touch of style.


From accent colors to frosted windows, there are all kinds of aesthetic enhancements you can take advantage of with decorative window film. Many of them even have practical uses as well, controlling sunlight and protecting privacy.

Window Tint Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to window tinting for your home, especially during the heat of the summer. Some parting advice: When searching for a reliable window tinting service, consider the local reputation, the quality of materials used, customization options, and the professionalism of the installation team. Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to google away! 


For residents of our beloved city of Pittsburgh, the search bar won’t be necessary. U.S. Film Crew stands as the premier window tint installation service in the state of Pennsylvania, with decades of experience and professional work spanning all across the nation. 

Ready to find the perfect window tint installation near you? Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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