Window film solutions offer a plethora of benefits for office spaces, including keeping the temperature inside at a comfortable level and making window glass and other glass surfaces resistant to break-ins.

Another thing window film solutions are exceptionally good at is improving the privacy of your workplace, which is beneficial for both customers and employees.

Privacy in the workplace doesn’t just extend to personal comfort—it’s also important for protecting your digital intellectual properties.

If your workplace handles sensitive digital assets, you’ll want to make sure that it’s protected in more than just cyberspace—you’ll want to go one step further and put up physical barriers to protect your content.

Here, window film solutions are some of the most effective at enhancing privacy in your workplace.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the different types of window film solutions that help you protect your digital properties from prying eyes.

Blackout window film

As its name suggests, blackout window film is designed to completely prevent light from passing through, blocking views from the outside.

If the part of your workplace that handles sensitive digital content has windows or is surrounded by glass walls or has a glass door, you can install blackout window film to prevent any unauthorized personnel from seeing what’s on your computer screens.

While many would simply consider replacing glass walls with non-see-through walls, this can be costly.

Installing blackout window film, on the other hand, is much more cost-effective. If you want to use the space for something else, you can just remove the window film!

Decorative film

If aesthetics are important for you, consider using decorative window film in your workplace.

While this window film solution doesn’t completely block out views like the blackout window film, it can still obscure views and make it difficult to see what’s on your screen.

Decorative window film solutions provide a more subtle way to improve privacy in your workplace without making it too obvious to visitors and customers.

The main benefit of decorative window film solutions is that they come in all kinds of beautiful patterns. You can mix and match them to enhance your workplace’s aesthetic appeal.

Switchable smart glass film

This is a high-tech window film solution made from fine sheets of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal that can switch between transparent and opaque with just a tap of a switch.

The polymer dispersed liquid crystal sheets have thousands of minuscule liquid crystal droplets that are randomly arranged across the sheets. In this state, the film is opaque. At the flip of the switch, an electrical charge passes through it, making the crystals rearrange themselves and turning the film transparent.

If you don’t want window film that is always visible, like decorative window film or film that completely blocks out views like blackout window film—switchable smart glass is a very versatile and practical option.

This window film solution would be a great choice for conference rooms, especially when you’re having a presentation via computer or a projector. You can simply switch on the smart glass film to block the view from the outside until the presentation is over.

Casper cloaking film

This window film is specifically designed with data privacy in mind. It makes LED screens appear opaque when viewed through them; everything else can be viewed from the outside.

Casper cloaking film works by blocking out wavelengths of light coming from LED screens, making the screen appear completely black and blocking the view from the outside.

Keep your digital intellectual properties safe with window film solutions

Keeping confidential data safe is getting harder by the day. Between the increasing number of cyberattacks and the constant efforts to control them, it’s easy to forget that most of the time these attacks start from the inside.

Here, making sure digital intellectual property is safe from prying eyes in your workplace should be a top priority. It extends beyond securing your computer with advanced software solutions.

You need a physical solution to obscure the view of your most prized digital assets. Window film solutions can be the perfect choice to help you do that.

With various window film solutions available, you can pick the right one that meets your needs.

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