Installation of security window film is a matter of expertise — after all,  window film can only be as effective as the quality of its installation allows. 

For those Pennsylvania home and business owners running web searches for “window security film installation near me,” there’s a clear solution for your needs: local professionals with nationwide installation experience. 

Local Expertise, National Experience

Here at U.S. Film Crew, we’ve been Pittsburgh’s leading experts in window film solutions for more than three decades. In all that time, we’ve perfected our own unique approach to f installation methods, and can diagnose the perfect window film solution for any need. We’ve serviced homes and businesses all throughout Western Pennsylvania with precise window security film installation.


Better yet, our expertise goes deeper than local installations — the team at U.S. Film Crew brings a wealth of national experience to the table as well. We’ve worked with notable clientele across a diverse range of industries and regions, honing our skills in security film installation to national security standards trusted by the U.S. government and other high profile entities.

Customized Security Solutions

With a breadth of experience comes a depth of knowledge. Our projects are a testament to the fact that security needs vary drastically across fields and locations. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of security film solutions. 


When you partner with us for your security needs, you enlist the expertise of national experts to identify and address your window film needs.


Whether your business needs protection against forced entry, resistance to vandalism, or reinforcement against severe weather conditions, our arsenal of security film offers a wide range of options. From heavy-duty, 15-mm film to solar security film, which offers superior privacy and energy efficiency, Pittsburgh’s most capable crew has the solution for every window.

Professional Installation Services

Precision, accuracy, and attention to detail are vital ingredients for a proper window security film installation. At U.S. Film Crew, our installation team is composed entirely of skilled and experienced industry professionals who employ only the most effective techniques.


Best of all, security window film installation is far less invasive, expensive, and time-consuming than any glass replacement project. Whether it’s one window or an entire facility, your business can enjoy the advantages of improved security with minimal disruption to your operations.

Choose U.S. Film Crew for Your Security

When you work with Pittsburgh’s best, you enlist national expertise on a local level. Here’s what U.S. Film Crew brings to the table for your project:


  • Customized security solutions for diverse needs
  • Commercial and residential service with the same precision
  • Skilled industry professionals with local familiarity
  • High-quality tools and materials for a seamless finish
  • Personal commitment to customer satisfaction 
  • Long-term security advantages you can count on


Your business and its property deserve the highest levels of safety and security. Protect your business proactively with the most advanced window security film installation near you: the expert team at U.S. Film Crew. Get in touch today to tell us about your security needs, and we’ll recommend the perfect film for you.

Elevate your installation. Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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