If you’re an employer who owns office space, then one of your top priorities should be to create a work environment where your employees can be at their best.

Creating such a work environment is largely dependent upon two factors: emotional and physical. Emotional factors include employee relationships, work-culture, leadership, etc. Physical factors include desk arrangement, color, amount of sunlight, etc.

Many of today’s leading companies consider all of these aspects when it comes to arranging their workplace, which is are contributing factors to their success. After all, employees are the biggest asset of any company. But sometimes, we tend to forget the ‘small things’ that have a notable impact in the workplace. Managing natural sunlight is one of the top factors, which we will dive into below.

How Sunlight Impacts Your Workplace Environment

Imagine a workplace where natural sunlight enters and encapsulates the entire environment. Now, imagine an office that doesn’t get any sunlight and only relies on artificial lighting. The distinction is crystal clear, right? Psychologically, sunlight makes the office space a more open and welcoming environment. It acts as connection to nature and creates a more pleasant environment. It also helps create warmth in colder seasons.

While there’s no doubt that sunlight has its benefits, there are also several concerns to consider. This includes computer screen glare, damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and hotspots. All these factors will certainly have an impact on your employees’ productivity and overall health. Some employees may find it difficult to see their computer screens while other may feel uncomfortable due to overexposure, which results in decreased productivity.

How Window Films Addresses These Concerns & Increases Productivity

Window films, introduced in 1960s, present a win-win solution for all people who want sunlight in their commercial space but don’t want the pitfalls that come with it. These films are also commonly referred to as solar window films” or “specialty window films“, which help increase overall employee productivity and maximize the aesthetics of your office environment. Let’s review how window films can benefit your office space:

Minimize Computer Screen Glare:

Nobody wants glare on their computers, devices, or television screens. While screen glare might impact employee’s productivity in the short run, it’ll harm their eyes in the long run, which you don’t want as their employer. Window film installation is guaranteed to reduce these glaring issues.

Reduce Hotspots in the Office:

A hotspot is when a part of the office is at a higher temperature (due to sunlight) compared to others. Hotspots commonly occur during the summer when the temperature is at a higher level. This can be especially frustrating if your desk is within a hotspot. Solar film reduce the intensity of the rays entering your office and reduce the overall temperature.

Protect Employees from Skin Disease:

Sunlight is made of many types of rays composed of different wavelengths. One of these types of rays is ultraviolet (UV) rays. These UV rays are a major culprit of skin damage. This includes premature skin ageing, sunburn, and tanning. And these rays are found to be a major cause in all skin cancer patients. Window films have been found to be extremely effective against UV rays by blocking up to 99.9% of the UV rays that penetrate through windows, thus protecting your employees from potential skin damage.

Improve the Overall Vibe of the Workplace:

Some offices, even if they want natural sunlight, prefer to block the sunlight using blinds and curtains due to the aforementioned concerns. Not only are blinds and curtains expensive and somewhat outdated, they are difficult to maintain. With commercial window film, you can put your mind at ease. No more adjusting the shades to block the sunlight; now your office can be a bright and open space that pleases the mood and overall productivity of people working in it.

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