From temperature control to improved privacy, there’s little window film can’t do to enhance how your residential or commercial spaces look and feel.

Today, there are many different types of window film, which, while providing standard benefits, also perform specialized functions; one of these include shatterproof window tint.

As its name suggests, this window film is designed to fortify your windows and other glass surfaces, preventing them from shattering into pieces when they experience a damaging or destructive force. In fact, it can improve the strength of your glass by up to two to three times and hold the shards of glass in place even after the glass breaks.

Given these unique benefits, how is this film being used today?

Reinforcing buildings in disaster-prone areas

The United States experiences an average of up to six hurricanes every year, which cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and workplaces.

One major hazard imposed by disasters like hurricanes is flying shards of glass. Gale-force winds from hurricanes are capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 mph and these winds can blow glass from windows right out of their frames, sending shards of glass flying, causing grievous harm to anyone in their way.

If the wind is strong enough, it could even send debris from the outside crashing through windows and into buildings.

Shatterproof window film can make buildings in these areas much safer by preventing the glass from breaking and scattering. It does this by keeping the broken glass safely within the window or door frame and absorbing the impact of the wind and debris.

Making homes and offices accident-proof

Research shows that 53.6% of accidents that cause injuries happen at home and 9.3% at work; today, plenty of these accidents are often caused by broken glass.

In busy places like offices where there are plenty of people going about their work, accidents like breaking a window or a glass partition could send shards cascading onto the floor, creating a hazard.

With shatterproof window film, business owners can ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

At home, reinforcing windows and glass doors are especially important if you have children.

This film also has anti-glare properties, preventing home or workplace accidents caused as a result of glare in your eyes.

Preventing vandalism on glass surfaces

It’s not uncommon for vandals to damage windows and glass walls by spray painting or scratching them. When you install shatterproof window film on glass surfaces, the film itself will take the damage, keeping the glass underneath in pristine condition.

The damaged film can be easily removed and replaced with a fresh film, returning the glass to its original splendor. This is much more cost-effective than having to replace the damaged glass completely.

Improving security in buildings

If you want to make your home safer or if your workplace is a high-security environment, shatterproof window tint can be a simple but cost-effective solution for making your spaces more secure.

Regardless of the security features you have installed in your space, unprotected windows and glass doors can become easy entry points for malicious actors. Break-ins, in turn, can result in the loss of valuable assets and leave owners grappling with thousands of dollars of damages.

Shatterproof window tint: A cost-effective safety and security solution

Sometimes, the simplest solutions can be the best ones, and shatterproof window film is proof of that.

This window film can help make your spaces much safer and more secure in the long run for just a fraction of the cost of installing high-end security systems and building reinforcements.

To find out more about industry-leading window film solutions, get in touch with a professional window installation company today.

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