Frigid temperatures or sweltering heat in your commercial building isn’t going to create the most productive space for your employees to work in.

To counter this and maintain a truly world-class property, you will need a top-notch temperature control system that works round the clock to keep your teams comfortable.

The problem with relying too much on HVAC systems, however, is that it can lead to several issues like sky-rocketing utility bills and a heavy carbon footprint.

The good news is that there’s a convenient and highly effective way to circumvent these challenges.

Today, using energy-efficient window film—one that limits overheating and heat loss in your space—can give your HVAC systems a break while creating a property that doesn’t compromise on comfort or your interior design preferences.

Does my commercial property require window film installation?

A silent stealer of productivity is a working space that’s either too hot or too cold—a phenomenon that’s common when the seasons change, here in the US.

During the winter, about 30% of the heat inside a building is lost through windows; this means that if you don’t have a powerful insulation system in place, your employees will likely spend more time trying to stay warm than take the time to be creative and use their skills to deliver exceptional work.

In the summer, on the other hand, a whopping 76% of the sunlight that falls on window panes is converted into heat.

With curtains and blinds only providing limited heat-control capabilities in the midst of high temperatures, you have no choice but to turn to your HVAC system to keep things under control.

Energy-efficient window film can counterbalance both these issues by insulating your space during the winter and preventing excessive heating during the summer.

How can you improve your space with energy-efficient window film?

Window film that is designed to improve your energy efficiency can introduce a host of benefits to your properties beyond just creating a productive space to work or reducing your energy expenditure.

They regulate the heat inside buildings

Thanks to their in-built solar control properties, window film can filter the extreme heat that enters your office as a result of UV and infrared penetration through your windows.

Beyond this, the film can also reduce the effect of hotspots, shielding your furniture, curtains, upholstery, artworks, and carpets from wear and tear triggered by extreme sunlight and heat.

It also provides an insulation effect during the winter, which means that it’s dual purposive and useful around the year!

It contributes to your sustainability efforts

With concerns about global warming and climate change on the rise, sustainable design and green buildings are becoming a key priority for modern businesses.

Most companies are also approaching the challenge that is lowering their carbon footprint in meaningful, effective ways.

By leveraging the benefits of energy-efficient window film, it’s easier to limit the energy consumptions of HVAC systems without compromising on the comfort and productivity of office spaces.

A cost-effective solution for your spaces

The heat-control properties of industry-leading window film don’t just mean you save on your commercial utility costs; it also poses immense value for the preventive maintenance of your space.

With it, you can shield your assets, especially sensitive machinery, from heat damage and eliminate the cost of frequent repairs. It also shields your furniture from UV damage, preserving your investments and improving their lifespan.

What’s more, is that film installation improves the overall value of your property on the real estate market!

Create comfortable and futuristic workspaces with window film installation

Window film solutions, when installed by experienced professionals, can help you create comfortable commercial spaces while keeping your utility costs low through their cutting-edge solar control and insulation capabilities.

Today, commercial window film installation helps you create a truly future-focused and ergonomic space for your employees; one that helps them remain comfortable, creative, and productive.

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