With many recent incidents, such as school shootings and break-ins, schools are constantly looking for new and effective ways to make their buildings safer for both their students and staff.

Window film has been a very effective way to add a plethora of helpful features to buildings, including improved privacy and security. Many schools have traditionally used window film solutions, such as security window film and solar window film for safety and comfort, but not many consider blackout window film.

As the name suggests, this window film type is designed to completely block out light. While it’s not the most conventional kind of window film for schools, it can offer a range of benefits that can make schools more safe, more comfortable, and more private.

Increases the privacy of school spaces

Blackout window film, sometimes called blackout film, can help block views into high-security parts of school buildings, such as record rooms.

Since these window films can also block views both ways, they can prevent students from getting distracted by what’s going on outside. This is especially helpful when the school is located in a busy urban area where there are many distractions outside.

In addition, blackout film is a great way to create the right atmosphere and ambiance in places such as the school auditorium and gymnasium, giving students privacy and eliminating distractions during sports events and stage performances.

Enhances security of school population

Many schools already have numerous security measures in place to help make them feel safer, such as security cameras. With the addition of blackout film, schools can make their security measures more effective.

Blackout film can prevent suspicious individuals from surveilling schools and spying on students. Alternatively, this film can be used to keep confidential areas away from the eyes of unauthorized individuals in the school itself, like students and non-administrative faculty.

As far as safety is concerned, this window film can also make glass harder to break. Though it may not be as effective as security window film, it can still help slow down intruders and give the staff enough time to call the authorities and get students to safety.

Secures the property against sun fading

The UV rays in sunlight can cause fading in furniture, but blackout film can block sunlight completely, allowing schools to preserve their properties for a long time. Replacing damaged furniture can be expensive, so installing this window film can help save money on these costs.

Blackout film is also a good option for school labs. Many chemicals used in the labs can deteriorate when exposed to direct sunlight, so using this window film can help keep sunlight from these chemicals.

Protects the school population from solar heat and glare

Similar to solar window film, blackout film can protect a school’s occupants from the sun’s heat.

This window film can help reduce solar glare, which could potentially hurt the eyes of students, cause migraines, and affect their concentration in the classroom negatively. Places in the school, like the computer lab and library, can greatly benefit from this window film being used for glare reduction.

Builds comfortable spaces to work and study

By blocking out sunlight, blackout window film can reduce heat gain inside classrooms and other school spaces, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

In addition, this window film can help trap heat indoors during the cold winter months to keep the school’s occupants warm. Thanks to these two features of blackout film, schools won’t need to rely too much on their HVAC systems for heating and cooling, and this can help them save money on electricity.

This window film can also give schools a chance to live up to Responsibility and Governance policies, meet climate sustainability requirements, and reduce carbon footprint.

Get blackout window film for your school today

Installing window film solutions is a cost-effective and easy way to make schools comfortable and safer for their students and staff, and blackout window film is just one of the many unique kinds of window film available for schools.

Speak with a well-known window film installer in Pittsburgh to access a range of great window film solutions for your school.

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