With winter in full swing and a new year on the horizon, businesses everywhere are gearing up for a season of change and improvement. As you focus on enhancing your commercial spaces, consider the fact that there are options beyond the expensive renovations that could leave your facilities out of order for days or weeks on end.

Introducing Architectural Window Film

Architectural window film is a special type of thin film applied to windows and glass surfaces in buildings. It serves a variety of purposes for enhancing the performance of glass, including climate protection from the sun, glare, and extreme temperatures, as well as boosting privacy and security. Window film seamlessly blends style and functionality, providing benefits that keep on giving throughout the year. 

Elevating Aesthetics With Stylish Flair

Architectural window film provides a blank canvas for your creativity, allowing businesses to infuse their spaces with a unique charm that showcases their brand identity and values. Whether it’s a delicate dance of patterns or a vibrant splash of colors, decorative types of window films offer a budget-friendly and non-damaging way to enhance the ambiance of your space — whether you’re looking to create a bright and fun atmosphere or prefer a more sophisticated style.

Optimizing Natural Light

Architectural window film plays a multifaceted role in controlling your building’s temperature, acting as a superhero with both summer and winter superpowers. It tackles the challenges of solar heat gain by selectively filtering out the heat-carrying infrared rays while allowing light to pass through. 


Incoming solar radiation bounces back before some of it gets absorbed by the glass and heats up your space. Only a wall can keep solar radiation out completely, but some level of solar radiation will pass through a window, whether it’s reflected or absorbed in varying degrees. In the winter, these films have a low-emissivity coating that acts like a thermal insulator, reflecting heat back inside.

Picture stepping into a welcoming, well-lit space that beckons visitors to explore and engage with your brand, your staff, and your business. With architectural film, your company can handcraft an atmosphere where patrons can enjoy your offerings free from discomforting glare.

Privacy Without Compromise

There are plenty of commercial spaces that demand a delicate balance between decoration and privacy, and architectural window film has an answer for that, too.


With these diverse options, you can redesign your windows to enhance privacy for back-of-house areas while also amplifying your storefront in a way that attracts the right customers in your direction.

Sustainability for Every Season

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the commercial world — especially this time of year — businesses can embrace sustainability for the long run by incorporating energy-efficient architectural window films.


These films provide an additional layer of insulation for every window, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce the need for artificial heating. Think of it as a gift to both the environment and your business’s energy expenses.

Architectural Film and More From U.S. Film Crew

As you contemplate enhancing your commercial space, remember the enduring possibilities of architectural window films. When it comes time to make those changes you’ve been preparing for, take advantage of the endless possibilities of window film with U.S. Film Crew.


Our top-notch installation services are tailored to suit every commercial space. Whether it’s for a seasonal refresh or a year-round transformation, we’ve got something for every commercial space. As Pittsburgh’s most trusted window film provider, U.S. Film Crew is proud to give your windows the attention and style they deserve.

To learn more, contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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