Safety is a paramount priority for every setting, whether it’s home, school, or business. Protecting your assets, people, and property demands safety measures at a building’s most vulnerable points windows and entrances.

Enter 3M safety film — some of the window film industry’s most reliable technologies for glass reinforcement. In this article, we’ll explore the features and potential uses of some of the field’s best products.

Advantages of 3M’s Safety & Security Films

There is a wide range of security films available from 3M, each with varying levels of protection. Here are a few of the benefits you can look forward to by installing this film:

Forced Entry Deterrence

A notable function of 3M safety films is to delay and deter potential intruders during forced entry attempt. When it comes to situations like burglary, vandalism, or active shooters, this function provides extremely valuable response time, helping to mitigate damage and provide vital response time to building inhabitants and law enforcement.

Mitigation of Glass Hazards

Another vital role of 3M’s safety film is the protection it offers against the hazards of shattered glass. In the event glass is broken, whether due to accidental impact, forced entry, explosion, or even severe weather conditions, this security film holds the glass together, preventing the scatter of flying shards that could pose life-threatening danger to inhabitants or passers-by. 

Additional Privacy & Solar Control

Many of 3M’s safety film options offer additional solar control benefits that can boost solar protection, energy efficiency, and privacy. On top of shielding interiors from prying eyes, solar security film offers a solutions to , rejecting heat, reducing glare, and increasing energy efficiency, providing additional on investment .

Applications Across Industries

3M’s products are widely popular for a reason. Consistent quality, in both product and installation, ensures dependable results. As such, these films can be found in use across a wide variety of industries and settings, including:

  • Residential — Safety film reinforces home windows against threats like break-ins, weather, and accidents, protecting countless families and their finances from dangerous damage.
  • Hospitality — Safety film allows hotels, motels, and hospitals to fortify glass doors and windows to protect occupants and assets.
  • Retail — Retail operations can reinforce their security strategies against organized retail crime with burglar-resistant window film, protecting products and property from expensive losses.
  • Government — Government facilities must often meet stringent standards due to unique security threats. 3M safety film allows agencies to address these needs proactively.

Discover Your 3M Safety and Security Film Solution With U.S. Film Crew

As greater Pittsburgh’s most experienced dealer of 3M window films, U.S. Film Crew is proud to carry a diverse selection of security provisions for both commercial and residential glass. Whatever your situation, whatever your threats, our team has the expertise to equip you with the most dependable window resources available today.

Elevate your safety. Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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