If you’ve ever been part of a team responsible for keeping a historically-significant property or landmark, you know just how difficult protecting those facilities can be. Preservation is everything to a historical site, from the integrity of its image to the longevity of its many artifacts. 


Unfortunately, one of the most challenging threats to any historic building is one which tends to go under the radar: UV (ultraviolet) radiation. Its effects are more damaging than most people realize, especially when built up over the lifespan of an old site.

How UV Blocking Window Film Can Help

Even for a situation as challenging as this, we at U.S. Film Crew are happy to say, “There’s a film for that!” 


Specialty window films exist to help ensure the longevity of buildings of all kinds — especially those which undergo heavy amounts of foot traffic and extensive exposure to the elements. If you’re at all responsible for the protection and preservation of one of our nation’s many historical buildings, UV blocking window film may be exactly what you need. 


Let’s take a closer look.

Preserving Artifacts and Materials

The capacity of UV blocking window film to protect artifacts and materials from the destructive effects of UV radiation is one of its key advantages. Prolonged sunlight exposure can cause fading, staining, and disintegration of indoor elements over time, specifically materials like wood, fabrics, and paintings. This can be extra problematic for historical structures that house original furniture, valuables, or other irreplaceable objects.


UV blocking window film can help preserve these materials in the long term by limiting the level of UV radiation that travels through the building’s windows, leaving the interior’s integrity intact for future generations to appreciate.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Historic buildings are often difficult to heat and cool sufficiently, as they tend to feature older, single-pane windows. Simply replacing the windows with a more modern, energy-efficient set may not be an option, especially if preserving the building’s original materials is a priority. 


UV blocking window film can offer a suitable alternative, alleviating some of the power draw without having to replace historically significant pieces of the building. It helps to limit heat transfer through a window in the same way it limits the passage of UV radiation, reducing greenhouse effects in the summer and improving insulation throughout the winter. 


For historical sites that offer free (or inexpensive) admission, the smaller power bill will be a welcome change.

Enhancing Visitor Comfort

In addition to boosting energy efficiency, UV blocking window film can also serve to improve indoor comfort in historic buildings. The insulation features can help to create a more uniform temperature throughout the building, which can be especially challenging for locations without centralized heating and cooling. 


Imagine if your tour guides didn’t have to rush guests through the sweaty downstairs hallway. Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace?


UV blocking window film can also help to minimize glare inside the building, providing a more uniform dispersal of elegant, natural light. This can increase visibility and reduce eye strain, making the building more enjoyable for your many visitors.

Maintaining Visual Aesthetics

The potential impact on a historical site’s appearance is one of the most common worries that property managers face when looking into window solutions. A quality window film, however, can be nearly invisible, preserving the beauty and integrity of the building’s windows. That means you get to keep your historical windows and enjoy the benefits of modern technology.


In many cases, UV window film can even improve the aesthetics of a building by providing a more consistent appearance across all of its windows. To ensure that your selected film complements the building’s aesthetics, be sure to select from a quality brand, like Llumar, and invest in installation by a team of seasoned professionals.

Increasing Safety and Security

An unfortunate truth about the world we live in is that historic buildings are often prone to break-ins, vandalism, and other security threats. There’s a film for that, too! 


High-quality specialty window film can boost the safety and security of historical sites by reinforcing the windows and shielding the exterior from vandalism, minimizing potential damage (and repair expenses).


Security and safety window films are intended to offer an extra layer of protection to windows, making glass more impact resistant and less prone to shatter. This makes for an excellent way to protect the facilities from trespassers after hours.

Invest in UV Blocking Window Film Today

Historic building preservation can be a complicated and daunting task, but specialized window film solutions can be an efficient tool for safeguarding and sustaining these essential structures. UV blocking window film can help you preserve historical facilities for years to come.


Ready to invest in the security, aesthetics, and long-term preservation of the historical buildings under your watch? Contact U.S. Film Crew today to learn more.

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