Just like many other parts of a home, bathrooms can also benefit from having window film installed.

Privacy is a major focus when it comes to a bathroom’s design. Since many residential bathrooms have shower glass and some even have windows that open out towards neighboring homes and even alleyways, window film can be beneficial for keeping out unwanted eyes and as a safety measure.

Bathrooms should have good aesthetics too, especially bathrooms in commercial buildings like hotels. Many homeowners and business owners invest in stylish tiles and fittings, but window film can also add a bit of aesthetic appeal as well if used the right way.

Here are some types of film you can use to give your modern bathroom an upgrade.

Frosted Film

Frosted film has patterns etched onto them, similar to decorative film; however, these patterns are very plain and aren’t made with a focus on aesthetics.

This film can be installed on shower glass to give anyone using the shower more privacy. Because of their simple design, the frosted film won’t interfere much with a bathroom’s aesthetics, and they tend to blend well with most bathroom designs.

Decorative Film

Revamping a bathroom can be both time-consuming and expensive. Replacing old bathroom tiles and fixtures with new ones can be one way to give your bathroom a new aesthetic, but using decorative film is a cheaper alternative.

Decorative film comes in all kinds of stylish and beautiful patterns that can meet different bathroom aesthetics. By installing decorative film on your bathroom’s windows and shower glass, you can give the space a unique look.

Aside from making the bathroom more attractive, decorative film can obscure views, improving privacy inside the bathroom.

Tinted Film

This window film is best used on bathroom windows rather than shower glass.

The tinting on the film reduces the amount of light entering the bathroom, making the inside appear very dark, depending on the tint percentage you choose. This film is especially effective during the daytime.

Tinted film can also help improve aesthetics because of the way it filters sunlight. With the right kind of window tint, the bathroom’s lighting can be made to look better. Good lighting can help bring out the dominant color of the bathroom and create a more pleasing atmosphere.

Security Film

Bathroom windows could become potential entry points for thieves and other kinds of suspicious individuals. This can be solved with security window film.

Security film is designed to make glass stronger against impacts and also to prevent the glass from shattering and sprinkling dangerous glass shards inside the home. They don’t have any noticeable pattern, and this makes them ideal to be used by homeowners who don’t want film affecting their bathroom’s look.

Alternatively, this film can be installed on shower glass as a safety precaution. Accidents could happen inside the bathroom, sometimes leading to glass breaking. This film can make sure that the shower glass remains intact and does not hurt the occupants when they have a fall.

Blackout Film

This film completely blocks out sunlight from the outside, making it almost impossible for anyone outside to look into the bathroom when it’s installed on the bathroom windows.

For privacy, this blackout film may be the best film for the job. Homeowners, however, should be aware that the film completely blocks out sunlight, so the inside of bathrooms will appear very dark even during the day.

Anti-fog Film

Glass surfaces in bathrooms can get foggy after the hot water has been left on for a while. This isn’t a significant issue, but sometimes fog on glass can leave behind unsightly hard water stains that will require a good scrubbing to remove.

Anti-fog film can be installed on all glass surfaces in the bathroom to stop them from fogging up, keeping the glass clear and pristine at all times.

Give your bathroom a makeover with window film

With the suitable film, you can give your bathroom a whole new look and improve privacy while saving money that you would otherwise have spent on expensive new fixtures.

For more insight into how these solutions can be used to upgrade your bathroom, get in touch with your nearest professional installer.

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