When you think of security window film, your mind probably jumps to one of two things: the so-called bulletproof film that appears in action movies, or the shatter-resistant quality of a modern windshield. While you won’t find any bulletproof window films out in the real world, there are countless commercial facilities that enjoy the burglar-resistant features of security window film. 

Security Window Film’s Unsung Advantages

While resistance to break-ins is certainly a plus, the benefits of this film go deeper than that. In reality, security window films actually offer a wide variety of advantages typically associated with other kinds of window films. 


In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of them to help you decide if security window film might be right for your business.

UV Protection

While solar control films take ultraviolet safety as their specialty, most varieties of window film exhibit some level of protection against UV light. In addition to their physical benefits, security films also filter out a good deal of UV rays from natural sunlight, which can protect your interior furnishings and merchandise from the damages of long-term exposure.

Energy Efficiency

There are specialized varieties of security films available as well. In addition to its ability to filter out ultraviolet light, solar security film can also reduce heat gain through windows to reduce the strain on your air conditioning systems, potentially saving money in the long run. The solar variety of security film often has a sleek, reflective finish.

Glare Reduction

We’ve all experienced that seemingly inescapable ray of light that comes in through the window when you really need to see the screen. If that’s a common issue for your business, solar security window film has you covered. Many security films minimize the effects of glare on your windows, improving comfort for visitors, partners, customers, and staff at all hours of the day.

Personal Safety

While shatter resistance is often associated with keeping intruders from entering, there’s an arguably greater advantage in its ability to protect what or who is on the inside from the broken glass. If and when glass is broken, accidentally or intentionally, security film will retain the shards of glass, keeping them from sending dangerous airborne pieces through the air or leaving sharp debris across the floors. Think of it as security from multiple angles.

Additional Privacy

An all-too-often overlooked aspect of security is privacy. Many kinds of solar security window film feature some level of tint or reflectivity, making it difficult (or even impossible) for prying eyes to see in. For business locations, this can be an excellent feature to incorporate in meeting rooms, restrooms, and sensitive storage areas. Plus, from the outside, your windows will still look stylish.

More Window Film Solutions From U.S. Film Crew

As exciting as the advantages of security window film may be, these are only the beginning. Safety is a multi-faceted beast, and window film solutions have risen to the challenge. Remember, however, that when all is said and done, a window film is only as effective as its installation. When it comes time to protect your windows, go with a provider you can count on.


Here at U.S. Film Crew, every installation is undertaken with the utmost care and professionalism. Businesses are diverse, and so are their windows. That’s why we offer a vast arsenal of window film solutions, from security to solar and everything in between. 

Discover an endless array of hidden possibilities. Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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