Are you looking to cut your utility bills in half while reducing your carbon footprint?

Energy efficient technology has been in demand for quite some time now. This has motivated the industrial sector and commercial outlets to take notable measures in becoming more energy efficient. However, the residential sector continues to witness an acute rise in energy consumption.

Studies show that water heating and space heating accounts for nearly two-thirds of U.S. home energy use. Adopting a few energy efficient changes can have a significant impact on your utility bills. Not only will you save a considerable amount of money, you will be making a contribution to the protection our sensitive environment.

Here are a few quick, easy ways to make your home more energy efficient:

Install Window Film

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy costs is to have a window film professional apply solar film to the windows throughout your home. Once installed, window film can offer a year-round savings of 5-10% of the home’s total energy bill. In addition to reducing energy costs and saving money, window film also protects your family and furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats help homeowners save money by keeping the temperature as low as possible for as long as possible. They use a combination of scheduling, geofencing, and motion detection to sense when to turn the heat up or down. By dropping the temperature by 3-5 degrees, you will reduce your monthly utility bills and use less energy.

Replace Your Air Filters

Another easy energy efficient adjustment is to periodically replace the air filters inside of your HVAC system for better performance.  According to the Department of Energy, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one can reduce energy consumption by as much as 15% and return a savings of 7.5% every month.

Install Ceiling Fans

On average, air conditioners cost $0.36 per hour and ceiling fans only cost $0.01 per hour. Studies show that ceiling fans can help save 4-8% on cooling costs when combined with an air conditioner. While the initial investment may seem a little high, it will save you a pretty penny in the long run.

Install Better Insulation

A well-insulated home will most certainly provide an additional level of comfort for every season. The EPA estimates that the average homeowner can save 15% on heating and cooling costs by adding insulation in attics, crawl spaces, and basement rim joists.

Install a Tankless Water Heater

Hot water is one of the main sources of high utility bills. Whether you’re washing dishes, doing your laundry, or taking a bath, hot water is a necessity. By shifting from a conventional water heater to a tankless water heater, you can instantaneously heat water on-demand. This reduces the energy requirements by eliminating processes like: first heating the water and then keeping it hot in storage.

Replace Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are high energy-consuming products. By shifting to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), you can reduce your energy usage by 50%.

Reduce Phantom Load

Phantom load is the energy used by the devices, you are not using. Turning off fans and unplugging lights, computer devices, and kitchen appliances can considerably reduce your phantom load and save energy. Thankfully there are smarter ways to interact with your electronic devices. You can opt for a ‘smart plug’, which turns off the energy supplied to the attached devices when not in use. You can also replace your old appliances with certified ENERGY STAR electronics and appliances, which will most certainly reduce your energy consumption. These devices efficiently utilize power and minimize energy waste.

What Next?

Now that you have some knowledge on how to make your home more energy efficient, it’s time to take action for the sake your utility bills and the environment. For more information on our window film installation services, contact U.S. Film Crew today at 412-961-8468.

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