One defining feature of many business spaces in the Pittsburgh – and many other metropolitan areas across the USA – is their abundance of windows.

If you are a business owner or someone working in a commercial space, you’d know that commercial buildings are, more often than not, covered with hundreds of windows.

There are pros and cons to this kind of design; on one hand, employees working inside these spaces get to experience plenty of natural sunlight, views, and warmth; on the flip side, too many windows can lead to certain security and privacy concerns for your business.

The good news is that there is an ultra-effective way to eliminate the risks of window-laden commercial spaces while retaining the benefits, and it’s installing specialty window films for your office, shop, or any other commercial building.

In this post, we take a closer look at the benefits of window films, what kind of options are available for commercial window tinting, and what you should know before deciding to install them.

What you’re signing up for with specialty window films

When it comes to the benefits of professional window film, where do we begin?

A good start would be that most types of tints offer exceptional shatter protection, meaning you reduce the risk of glass shattering due to certain climate conditions or human activities.

That said, depending on the type of window film you choose for your space, you also enjoy:

  • Enhanced security and privacy
  • Fading and glare reduction
  • Energy savings
  • Inexpensive branding opportunities
  • Protection from UV radiation

What are your options?

You don’t need to stick to the mold to enjoy the advantages that come with adding window film to your building. There are as many options for you to choose from as there are benefits.

Privacy Film

One of the most common types of window film, privacy films make your windows opaque and keep your teams and resources safe from overly curious eyes.

Switchable Smart Glass Film

If you’re not interested in making your windows or cubicles opaque, consider installing switchable smart glass films. These use a clever combination of physics, chemistry, and technology to switch from opaque to transparent with the press of a button.

Casper Cloaking Film

Casper cloaking film is the latest innovation in the window tinting industry, and one that blocks light emitted from LED or LCD screens. This is a nifty feature for conference rooms and other spaces where privacy is a priority.

Bird Safety Film

According to recent data, one billion birds are killed each year by crashing into windows in residential and commercial spaces; an issue caused by reflective windows that make it difficult for birds to distinguish between the sky and windows.

Bird safety films, otherwise known as anti-bird strike films, solve this problem by making these surfaces non-reflective.

Rear Projection Film

Have you seen window projected visuals in trade shows and technology showcase events?

You can achieve the same effect with rear projection films, which turn any window into a projection screen. They are easy to install and reduce the bulk of traditional projection screens while providing high-res quality.

Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Fog Films

If your office space is on the ground floor, there is a chance you may have experienced the occasional graffiti statement. By installing anti-graffiti films, which form a protective barrier on the windows, you make sure paint and other substances don’t stick to your windows.

You might also experience fogging due to condensation build-up in indoor spaces. With anti-fog films, you eliminate fogging and improve visibility.

Install specialty window film to make sure your commercial space is productive and protected

Installing window films is a long-term investment. So when you’re considering these shields for your space, always consider high-quality and durable tints. You can install regular window tints by yourself, but for specialty window films installation, working with the pros is always a good idea.

Choose a window tint with a warranty that covers future peeling, bubbles, and other quality defects to save yourself the hassle down the line.

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