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Based in Pittsburgh, U.S. Film Crew is the Tri-State’s most trusted window film company for residential and commercial window tint installation. With over 28 years of experience and a team of window film installation experts, we’re known for providing excellent service and establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We specialize in a variety of window film installation applications, including decorative film, solar film, security film, and specialty film. Whether you’re looking for protection, safety, security, or enhanced comfort and beauty, we have products that suit your life, your style, and your needs.

At U.S. Film Crew, we believe that when the client’s needs come first, satisfaction never comes in last. From our early days to now, our company’s top priority is to serve our customers with top quality and professionalism. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our professional window film installers will work directly with you to meet your window film needs. Contact us today at 412-961-8468 for a free consultation!

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No matter the demands, no matter the size of the project, we’ll be there when you need us.

modern decorative window film

Decorative Window Film

Customize your surroundings and give your windows new life

Residential  |  Commercial

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Solar Window Film

Reflect away harsh UV rays, heat, and glare with solar film

Residential  |  Commercial

security film for doors

Security Window Film

Protect yourself from break-ins, vandalism, and mother nature

Residential | Commercial

Casper Cloaking Technology Window Film

Specialty Window Film

Enhance indoor comfort and maintain optically clear views

Residential | Commercial


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Customer Reviews

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cody S, Rycon Construction

“From the buyout process to field installation US Film Crew is on top it! They work seamlessly from estimating to installation, and are there every step of the way to help share their expertise in window film. The field crew are some of the best and do whatever they can to help the process go as smooth as possible.”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Carol W, Solar Film

“I would give U.S. Film Crew ten stars if I could. From my initial contact, to the price quote, and finally installation, they have exceeded my expectations. Their price was comparable to others, if not better, plus their customer service has been exceptional. Don’t think twice, just sign on with them. You won’t regret it!”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Diane L, Solar Film

“U.S. Film Crew provides great customer service and wonderful products. Every single person I had contact with was so polite, knowledgeable, and understanding to my needs. The best customer service I have ever encountered. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for solar film for their home or building!”


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March 9, 2020

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