Home or office windows are major focal points, and these can be upgraded by installing window film solutions, like decorative window film or security window film.

Windows get a lot of attention, but what about the walls, ceilings, and other non-glass surfaces?

Walls, ceilings, and doors also need some TLC, and this usually involves a new paint job, some construction, or maybe some new fixtures. But these can be costly and time-consuming.

The time factor is especially true when you’re trying to upgrade the walls, ceilings, and doors of an office. Offices are busy places, and any kind of renovation may slow down operations, which may affect productivity.

This is where 3M DI-NOC Film shines! Also called Architectural Finishes, this is a special vinyl architectural film that’s designed for walls and other non-glass surfaces in homes and offices. It can be thought of as a more durable and visually appealing type of wallpaper.

3M’s architectural film also features a range of patterns that closely resemble real natural materials, like wood, metal, and stone. Here are four clever uses of 3M Architectural Finishes.

1. In Retail

When it comes to retail, retailers have a minimal time frame to capture a visitor’s attention and communicate their brand identity and what it stands for. The atmosphere and multi-sensory stimulation are key requirements for any retail store to attract and engage its shoppers.

3M DI-NOC film comes with a selection of attractive designs that can draw the attention of shoppers, and it’s relatively quick to install. What’s more? You don’t need to spend inordinate amounts of time maintaining them to maximize the emotional impact they have on your consumers.

Another great thing about this vinyl film is that it can be applied on any flat or curved surface, including walls, furniture, wooden, concrete, glass surfaces, and ceilings.

2: In Corporate Offices

When it comes to upgrading spaces, one of the largest markets is corporate offices. They consistently look for solutions that are cost-effective and have minimal disruption to their employees and production.

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes come in an array of designs and compositional options that offer you the flexibility to select designs and styles that suit your business. You also don’t have to spend more time on maintenance services since it’s manufactured using a vinyl material that lasts long and is easy to clean.

Whether you want to get more privacy in your office or want to create a private meeting space, 3M Architectural Finishes can help you create a unique space while also serving a functional purpose.

3: In Homes

Every home is unique. Whether you’re going for a modern or classic and colored or minimalist aesthetic, you need to ensure that you get the right styles that match the unique personality of your home.

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes allow you to transform your space with a whole new design aesthetic that will look as though you’ve walked into a brand-new home. Want to give your doors a new look? Use a film with a wooden design and take it to a whole new level.

You can do the same with partitions, wardrobes, and even glass doors. The best part is that you can give every room a unique look within your budget. Even if you end up damaging the film. it can easily be repaired—which is ideal for homes with kids.

4. In Public Spaces

Public spaces also need to be able to meet the changing needs of customers. Whether it’s a shopping mall or an indoor space, many locations need frequent changes and renovations, especially with the number of people occupying these spaces daily.

Managers of public spaces can use 3M Architectural Finishes to allow them to be consistent with the current trends and create spaces that inspire and engage the public.

In addition, it also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance since it lasts long and any damage can easily be fixed, which is ideal for public spaces.

Install 3M DI-NOC Film in your home or office

Architectural film is a great addition to any office or workplace, but if you want to get the best out of it, you’ll need the help of professional installers.

Not only will they promise a perfect installation, but they can also recommend the best ways to use architectural film in your space.

Speak with a reliable 3M DI-NOC Film installation company today.

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