Your commercial property is a reflection of your brand and a significant investment in your future. You’ve put hard work into the impact it makes on your clients, partners, and visitors. 

But did you know that the very sunlight that illuminates your space can gradually damage the appearance and durability of your space? This is due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, a natural component of sunlight. This silent, invisible threat is the same thing that burns your skin after too much time in the sun. 

While your favorite sunscreen won’t do much for your windows, modern technology gives us an effective solution. We call it solar film — the UV film for windows. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of window film, from protecting your investments to mitigating glare, all while preserving the luminance your windows were made for. 

Understanding the Threat: UV Radiation

Ultraviolet rays are a component of the sun’s natural light spectrum. Although they play a crucial role in various biological processes and can even offer certain health benefits, they can also cause significant damage to the interior of your space. Exposure to sunlight for extended periods of time can cause deterioration to many kinds of materials, including:

Fading Fabrics

Features like curtains, upholstery, and rugs lose their vibrance under natural light for extended periods.

Dulled Artwork

Paintings and photographs tend to fade, often making it difficult to appreciate — or even see — the original image.

Aging Wood

Wooden furniture can, despite certain treatments, lose some of its natural beauty over time.

Damaged Flooring

Hardwood paneling, carpet, and certain other flooring materials can begin to show extra wear under direct sunlight.

Degraded Materials

UV rays can damage a variety of natural and synthetic polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber, and neoprene, causing them to lose their strength and flexibility, crack, and disintegrate.

An Elegant Solution: UV Film for Windows

UV film for windows, better known in the industry as solar window film or window tint, is a unique material created to shield against harmful ultraviolet rays without blocking out the visible light we rely on. It acts as a shield between your valuable interiors and the sun, offering advantages like:

UV Protection

UV film provides superior protection against harmful light wavelengths, blocking up to 99% of UV rays and saving your furnishings and decor from fading and damage, allowing them to last longer and maintain their beauty.

Solar Heat Reduction

UV film can also reduce the heat gained through your windows — a process known as the greenhouse effect. This protection can help you cultivate a more energy-efficient environment, saving your business money while reducing its carbon footprint.

Glare Reduction

Say goodbye to annoying glare on screens and reflective surfaces. UV film is excellent for reducing glare, providing a more comfortable and productive experience for your staff.

Enhanced Privacy

UV films also offer the added benefit of enhanced privacy. Some types of these films allow you to enjoy the advantages of natural light while maintaining the confidentiality that your business needs.

Versatile Film Options

There are countless different types of UV film available, offering a range of options to customize your windows to your exact needs. Ask your local provider about their selection.

Discover UV Films From Pittsburgh’s Best

When it comes to the highest quality UV film for windows, U.S. Film Crew is your perfect team for the job. Our selection of versatile window films has made us Pittsburgh’s premier window film provider.

We know the importance of preserving the beauty and durability of your space, and our team of experts is committed to assisting you in protecting all of your valuable investments. If you’re looking to protect your interiors, make your space more energy efficient, or increase privacy, U.S. Film Crew is here to help.

Discover the potential of your windows. Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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