Add decorative window film solutions to your glass cleaning service.

By installing window film on your client’s glass after cleaning, you can add more value for your clients.

Why should glass cleaning companies consider window film solutions?

Along with cleaning your client’s windows, providing them with an extra service can add more value for your customers.

Installing window film, like decorative window film and solar window film, after cleaning your client’s glass surfaces can give your clients a whole new range of benefits that can make their spaces more secure, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Types of window film glass companies can use

By including window film as an added service to your glass cleaning projects, you can give your clients a range of useful benefits, such as thermal control, improved security, privacy and aesthetic appeal.

The following are some window film solutions a glass cleaning company could offer their clients.

Decorative Window Film

Installing decorative window film after cleaning can add an aesthetic upgrade to your client’s windows, and they can help block views from the outside to increase privacy.

Security Window Film

This window film will make your client’s window film much more durable. It can help deter intruders from breaking in and makes glass shatterproof to prevent glass-related injuries.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film

No matter how many times you clean a client’s windows, they will still be vulnerable to graffiti. This window film will help keep spray paint off the glass.

Specialty Window Film

This collection of window film solutions can give your clients a host of unique benefits, such as protection against bird strikes, preventing fogging and digital privacy.

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