As a property owner, you are dedicated to ensuring the security in your building.

The security of your clients, customers, employees, and/or property should be your utmost priority. With commercial building window tinting, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your building is protected and secure from unwanted intruders and the harmful effects of mother nature.

These films are composed of polyester coating, which is applied to glass. While these films are quite thin, they deliver extreme durability and strength. They provide excellent stability even if exposed to various solvents, moisture, and temperatures.

Through advanced production and engineering technologies, window films provide additional security, aesthetic enhancements, glare reduction, UV protection, and energy savings to property owners of all types.

See below for more information about what window films can do for your building.

Safety and Security

Some people believe that window films can make glass shatterproof, but is it actually a misconception. While these films cannot prevent the glass from breaking, they can effectively hold glass fragments together once it is broken. That means that the broken glass will stay in place instead of scattering. This also makes it harder for intruders to access your building through the broken window.

With commercial building window tinting, the dangers of flying glass fragments are also minimized, thus ensuring that the people inside stay safe. That is especially true if you have large window security.

Improved Aesthetics and Branding

Window film comes with a variety decorative patterns, colors, and textures. So, it’s no surprise how it will enhance the aesthetics of your building while boosting brand awareness. For example, you can choose from window films with bamboo-style, stained glass, or frosted patterns.

Whether it is a uniform design or a contemporary look, you can find a window film choice that can aesthetically enhance your building’s exterior. From dark colors to virtually invisible films, you can find the perfect shade that will fit your requirements.

Lower Utility Bills

Sunlight comes in three different parts: UV radiation, visible light, and near-infrared light. Window films are designed to block the different solar spectrum parts. That way, dangerous ultraviolet (UV), heat, and glare are minimized.

UV radiation refers to the sunlight part that fades interiors and contributes to skin cancer. It is composed of three percent of the sunlight spectrum. Literally, the visible light is the one that you see. It is about 44% of the sunlight spectrum and causes glare. While near-infrared light is invisible, it still contributes to heat gain. This results to the remaining 53% of the sunlight spectrum.

Window films with high insulating values effectively keep the heat in the building during the winter months while sealing in the air conditioning on a hot day. Some films can reflect infrared light into the building to help heat it. This results to additional savings in the winter.

Reflection and Transmission

You can find dual-reflective films in the market, and many business owners prefer them due to their flexibility. While you can achieve a reflective bronze look outside your building, other people will not see that bronze color inside.

You may also want the interior to have a gray or blue color. The interesting thing here is that manufacturers can change the transmission and reflectance values of the films. That way, you can choose which side you want to have a color on.

More Energy

According to a new study about window films, they enable the building owners to generate more energy instead of reducing the energy wasted by their HVAC systems. In fact, some engineers from the University of California, Berkeley, have successfully developed a thin film that utilizes pyroelectric energy conversion to transform the low-quality heat waste heat into useful electricity.


Window films do not only provide aesthetics to your building; they also offer safety and security. They are an excellent investment that will pay off in the long run. For more information about the advantages of commercial window film, please contact U.S. Film Crew today at 412-961-8468.

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