Uncomfortable interiors, the need for more privacy, and the need for increased security are a few of the most common reasons people look for window film solutions.

But there are varieties of modern window film that can offer more benefits than these.

Specialty window films are a range of window film solutions that can give residential spaces some unique benefits that you won’t normally see from more traditional window film, like solar window film and security window film.

From preventing bird strikes on your windows to giving you privacy only when you need it, these window films are a great addition to any home. Here are 4 of the best specialty window films for your home.

Switchable Smart Glass Film

Residential buildings come in all sizes and styles. If you’re going for a modern, chic look then switchable smart glass film could give you the aesthetics that you’re looking for in a contemporary building.

This window film is great for homeowners who are looking for alternatives to blinds and curtains. Once the window film is installed, you can turn glass surfaces opaque, and block out outside views.

Thanks to its subtle appearance, switchable smart glass film is a good choice for modern homes that have a minimalist aesthetic. Since it can be switched between transparent and opaque at will, you can also increase your home’s privacy only when you need it.

This window film, however, isn’t as easy to install as traditional window film and the installation process should therefore be left to a professional.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is another window film that can boost home aesthetics and even improve your home’s privacy and security.

These window films feature a selection of a great variety of eye-catching patterns that can help increase your home’s curb appeal. The patterns on the film can also help keep prying eyes at bay, improving privacy for you and your family.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, this window film is a much cheaper option than replacing your existing windows with etched ones. It only needs to be applied to your home’s existing glass surfaces and can easily be switched out when you want to try a different design.

Bird Safety Film

Window film is largely used to protect those inside buildings from the harmful rays of the sun and also offers a certain level of protection, but the same cannot be said for birds.

In the United States, nearly a billion birds die after colliding with windows, and research has shown that more than 50% of these collisions are fatal. This usually happens because birds don’t always perceive the glass in windows, leading them to fly straight into it.

These bird deaths can negatively affect the ecosystem, and they can be an upsetting sight for children and even some adults. Fortunately, bird safety window film can help prevent these unfortunate incidents.

Bird safety window film has lines and patterns that break reflections on window glass, making it visible to the birds. This window film is so effective—it has proven to be 99% successful at preventing collisions between birds and windows.

Anti-Fog Window Film

Glass can give your residential building a futuristic look, but not having anti-fog window film can result in fogged-up windows when it’s raining outside or in bathroom stalls when you’re having a hot shower.

Many homeowners try to get rid of fogging by adjusting their HVAC settings, but this could cost them their comfort. With anti-fog window film, however, you can stop fogging without sacrificing indoor comfort.

This window film will ensure that you always have clear views outside, regardless of the weather and your home’s indoor climate.

Try specialty window film for your home

Window film can do wonders for a home, from thermal control to even protection of the local bird population. By talking to a well-reputed window film installer in your area, you can gain access to a whole range of specialty window film types and give your home the upgrade it deserves.

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