Ever since the extremely unfortunate and disheartening incident that took place in late May 2020, cities across the nation have seen an increased amount of intensified protests and marches.

Even though many of the protests have been relatively peaceful, there have been instances of violence, smash-and-grab burglaries, arson, and property destruction. If you own a business within a major city or an area with heavy protests, then you should strongly consider protecting your property with glass protection film. Also known as security window film, you can protect your windows from damage and help deter theft.

What is Glass Protection Film?

Glass protection film is composed of multiple layers of polyester film, which are laminated to each other using a strong adhesive. Their thickness normally ranges from 100 microns to 300 microns. The thicker the film is, the more durable it is. As the thickness of the film increases, the amount of stress, strength, and shear that it can withstand also increases.

Benefits of Security Window Film

While security window film is barely noticeable, they drastically reduce the effects from break-ins, sudden impacts, accidental damage, and extreme weather conditions. See below for more benefits of glass protection film:

Increased Security

Applying security film on your windows is similar to having a laminated window film. It provides you with enhanced safety and security and makes the glass more difficult to breach, which helps deter illegal entries. This means that anyone trying to break in will have to use a lot more force in order to get inside your building.

Privacy & Visibility

Security window film enhances the overall privacy and safety of your building, which is essential for property managers who own ground-level office spaces and storefronts in high traffic areas. This additional level of privacy deters looters from having a clear view of what’s inside your building, but still allows you and your employees to still see outside.


Discourage looters with glass protection film that help deters crime and has more resistance to shattering. Glass protection films are designed to keep the glass intact when it is impacted by a heavy or blunt object, thus eliminating the glass from shattering. Even with persistent impact, the film protects the glass. This helps protect you and your employees from potential injuries from flying glass and other projectiles.

Protect Your Property with Glass Protection Film

Glass windows are the most vulnerable parts of any building and investing in security film is worth every penny, especially if it eliminates looters from entering your building. If you are a property owner who is looking for advanced security and peace-of-mind, please contact our glass protection experts today at 412-540-4463!

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