With the summer sun shining brighter by the day, it’s a critical time of year to protect your commercial space from harmful UV rays. Businesses everywhere are looking for top-notch window solutions like ceramic window tint and dual reflective film. 


How do you know which one is the best choice for your business?

Why Dual Reflective Improves on Ceramic Window Tint

While ceramic window tint offers a few notable benefits, there’s an impressive alternative to consider: one that excels in solar protection, energy efficiency, glare reduction, and privacy while contributing to your green business initiatives. When it comes to upgrading your business’s windows for improved performance and sustainability, LLumar’s dual reflective window film is the way to go.

Enhanced Solar Protection

Dual reflective film and ceramic window tint have a few things in common, one of which is their propensity for excellent protection. Both options are ideal for safeguarding your furniture, artwork, and flooring against the harmful effects of UV rays.


These films can each block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, providing a protective shield for your valuable assets. LLumar’s dual reflective window film takes it a step further by offering even more advantages beyond UV protection.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When the summer heat hits hard, it can put a lot of strain on your HVAC system and cause your utility bills to skyrocket. LLumar’s dual reflective film is truly impressive when it comes to energy efficiency. A significant decrease in heat exchange through your windows helps to maintain more stable temperatures inside your space, boosting energy efficiency, decreasing your carbon footprint, and saving money on utility expenses. 

Excellent Glare Reduction

The intense summer sun has the potential to cause detrimental glare, annoying customers and affecting productivity. LLumar’s dual reflective window film is designed to excel in reducing glare while still allowing for optimal levels of natural light. This creates a workspace that is not only comfortable but also promotes productivity.

Superior Privacy

Maintaining a sense of privacy in visible commercial spaces is vital for a wide variety of businesses. Ceramic window tint, despite its many advantages in solar protection, offers little in terms of privacy protection.


LLumar’s dual reflective window film, on the other hand, reflects outside light, creating a mirror effect on the exterior of your office building, storefront, or restaurant. This way, privacy is preserved for both your workers and your customers without sacrificing your outward view.

Your Company’s Green Initiatives

Dual reflective window film from LLumar can play a valuable role in your company’s eco-friendly efforts by helping to lower energy usage while encouraging more environmentally-friendly practices. Implementing these advanced window protection measures is an ideal way to showcase your company’s commitment to positive practices and a smarter, greener future.

Go Beyond Ceramic Window Tint with U.S. Film Crew

When you choose to invest in LLumar’s dual reflective films for your commercial building, you take a bold step towards superior solar protection, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly business practices. So why settle for the basics?


As Pittsburgh’s exclusive LLumar SelectPro dealer, U.S. Film Crew offers superior installation services for the finest window films on the market. Call today to discover the remarkable advantages LLumar dual reflective window film has to offer for your business.


Discover the perfect window film for you. Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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