If there was any time of year you should expect web searches for “window film installation near me” to skyrocket, it’s right now. And why not? May is National Home Improvement Month, after all. What better time could there be to make some long-awaited improvements to your home?


Finding Window Film Installation Near Me

Let us cue you into a pro tip this Home Improvement Month — the best place to start updating your home is almost always the windows. Countless homeowners already googling “window film installation near me” know this all too well, and we don’t blame them. Window film installation is an excellent starting point for home improvement. It not only offers an aesthetic appeal, but a great deal of practical benefits as well. 


In celebration of National Home Improvement Month, this article will reveal five of the ways a professional window film installation could benefit you and your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When it comes to practical benefits, one of the most significant advantages of installing window film is its capacity to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Virtually all homes — and especially those with wide windows — struggle to maintain temperature during the warmest and coldest parts of the year, racking up an ugly energy bill each month.


With an effective solar window film installation, you’ll find these issues significantly reduced. The extra insulation will not only reduce the greenhouse effect in your living room but also help to maintain your hard-earned warmth during the winter. Over time, this can save you a whole lot of money while reducing your overall carbon footprint.

UV Ray Protection

An often overlooked advantage of window film installation is the highly effective shielding it can provide against ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV radiation is an essential component of sunlight, but prolonged exposure is known to cause long-term damage to both property and people. 


Fortunately, solar window film can absorb or reflect up to 99% of UV rays, significantly lowering the risk of deterioration in your home and cancerous damage to your skin. In short, window film can make your home a safer place for everyone.

Superior Privacy

Privacy is crucial for any homeowner, but especially those of us with a family to protect. Whether your home sits on a busy street or in a crowded downtown area, a professional window film installation could provide you and your family with the privacy you depend on for your comfort and security.


These films come in a few varieties. Tinted or reflective window films can provide a low-profile look while preserving your ability to see through your windows from the inside. On the other hand, frosted or ornamental window coverings can help you create a fashionable and private environment in your house, while still allowing in some natural light. This may be especially ideal for residences with windows facing the street or neighboring properties.

Enhanced Security

Any homeowner with a family already knows that the security of your home is no trivial matter. Window film installation can help to improve your home’s measures against damage and intrusions. Security and safety window films provide an extra layer of security to your windows, making the glass sturdier in general.


Should the glass be broken, the films are designed to hold the fragments together, providing even further protection against break-ins and would-be intruders. These security measures can help to protect your family against natural damage as well, reducing the risk of injury due to broken glass in the home.

Aesthetic Touches

A good window film installation can also help to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. With a wide range of elegant styles and patterns to pick from, you can choose a window film that compliments your home’s design and showcases your personality as a homeowner or a family. 


Certain films, like frosted glass, can even add a practical element to the aesthetic function as well. So this Home Improvement Month, consider the ways that window film could give a touch of elegance, modernism, or color to your home. 

Before You Search “Window Film Installation Near Me”…

If you’re ready to make some exciting updates to your home this Home Improvement Month, there are so many great options available to you in the wide world of window film. But before you go searching, allow us to save you some time. 


US Film Crew is Pittsburgh’s finest window film service provider, dedicated to providing quality window films and expert professional installation to homes all across our service area. If you’re one of the many Pennsylvania homeowners looking for some serious home improvements, we’re here to help!


Contact US Film Crew today to see how window film could improve your home this month.

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