There’s nothing quite like enjoying a beautiful sunny day during the summertime.

While the shimmering sunlight does exude a sense of happiness, it could also make our indoor environment uncomfortable.

With the golden rays of the season comes a plethora of problems that could affect your family’s health and your home’s integrity; these include glares, UV rays, and heat.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to these problems—anti reflective window films.

Anti reflective window film is a simple yet effective way to eliminate glare and other issues from your home; let’s find out how this helps.

They Reduce Glares

Glares happen when sunlight reflects off a surface and causes visual discomfort and distractions. Aside from being distracting, glares can cause headaches, disorientation, difficulty concentrating, and vision-related problems.

Glares may even be a danger to those outside your home; it’s estimated that about 9,000 glare-related vehicular accidents happen every year and this could happen due to glare from the windows of roadside homes blinding drivers.

They can happen at any time of the year but are far more common during the summer months when the sunlight can be intense.

Anti reflective films have thin coats of tungsten oxide and iron oxide that reduce glares by allowing more light to pass through your windows, reducing the amount of light reflected.

Essentially, they work similarly to glare-resistant sunglasses, and when properly installed, anti reflective films can reduce glare up to 95%.

They Help Keep UV Levels Low

UV rays can be very harmful to health; overexposure could lead to multiple conditions like skin cancer and premature aging. These rays can also damage your home by causing fading.

Fading occurs when furniture, upholstery, and other items in your home are constantly exposed to a combination of sunlight, heat, and UV rays, causing the chemical makeup of the materials to break down and lose color.

An anti-reflective film can almost eliminate the threat of UV rays entering your home by 99%; while this will not stop the fading process entirely, it can slow it down significantly.

One benefit of these films is that while they keep most harmful UV rays out, they still let in plenty of healthy, natural sunlight.

They Help Reduce Heat in Your Home

The most common problem during summer is the heat. The summer sun can be very unforgiving and being indoors will do little to protect you from the scorching heat.

Sunlight can bring in heat and as the day proceeds, this heat will continue to build up until your indoor environment becomes too hot.

Excessive heat can damage your home if left unchecked; hardwood floors, for example, can buckle due to an increase in humidity.

You may experience the effects of heat in your home as well and high temperatures can lead to excessive sweating, causing dehydration in turn.

Luckily, anti-reflective window films are good at keeping out the heat; they are noticeably darker than other types of window film and block out heat effectively.

They Can Prevent Window Shattering

Shattered windows can be a major hazard, especially if you have small children at home. This could happen for a variety of reasons, like windows getting too hot or even due to an accident at home.

When an anti-reflective film is applied to your windows, they give your windows a degree of reinforcement, preventing your windows from shattering into shards and allowing the glass to crack but not fall into pieces.

This will also make it easy to dispose of the glass since all the pieces will cling to the film.

Anti Reflective Window Films—a Small Addition With Many Benefits

Summer is the most anticipated time of the year and we all want to get a little taste of it. With good quality anti-reflective films protecting your windows, home, and your family from some of the harsher parts of the season—you can enjoy a safe and healthy summer.

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