The success and failure of the business hinges on how comfortable the workplace is for the employees to do what they do best—generate revenue.

This is because a comfortable and safe workplace encourages employees to work harder and become more productive. But, when it comes to creating a comfortable workplace, one common problem many workplaces face but do not take too seriously is glare.

It’s caused when light from the sun enters the workplace, gets reflected on surfaces, and hits a person’s eyes. This can cause discomfort for the eyes, cause headaches and temporarily disorient people, leading to workplace accidents and loss of productivity.

While you could simply use blinds or curtains to block out the sun, this will prevent any healthy natural light from getting in, making you rely too much on electrical lighting.

The good news is that there is a simple, effective, and inexpensive solution to resolve the issue of glare—installing window film.

In this post, we explore how different window film solutions can help eliminate or reduce glare in your office.

Decorative window film

Decorative window film isn’t usually made with keeping out glare in mind but can still help reduce glare in your workplace.

These kinds of window film solutions come in a variety of different patterns and designs, which can help diffuse the sunlight entering through your windows.

By limiting harsh sunlight, decorative window film can help reduce glare, while improving the looks of your workplace.

It’s not just windows that can benefit from installing decorative window film either; glass walls and cubicle partitions can also have decorative window film installed on them to keep glare away and give your employees a degree of privacy as well.

Switchable smart glass film

This is a high-tech window film solution designed to turn transparent or opaque at the flip of a switch.

It’s made of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal, which makes the film transparent when an electrical current passes through it.

The best way to use this type of window film to block out glare is to install it in parts of the office where sunlight hits directly.

During bright, sunny days, the film can be switched on to block most of the light coming in, and later in the day, you can simply turn it opaque again to let in natural light. This way, you’ll only need to activate the film only when you want to keep out the glare.

Switchable smart glass film is an excellent choice when you want to keep your glass walls and windows semi-transparent and block harsh sunlight without resorting to expensive etched glass.

One-way mirror film

This window film solution can give you more sun control, improve privacy in the office and considerably reduce glare.

As its name suggests, a one-way mirror film can make your windows look like a mirror from the outside, meaning that while you can enjoy the outside view from inside your workplace, anyone looking into the office will only see their reflection.

One additional advantage of one-way mirror film is that thanks to its reflective properties, the window film can block harsh light as well as heat from the sun.

Anti-glare window film

The definitive window film for blocking glare, anti-glare window film is just what your office needs if glare is a major problem.

Anti-glare window film is designed to let in plenty of natural light while eliminating the amount of glare.

Your employees can enjoy all the benefits that natural sunlight has to offer without the discomfort and potential hazards that glare could cause.

Make your workplace glare-free

Glare can be a menace, but with the proper use of window film, you can bring it under control.

While finding the right window film solutions may be difficult to do on your own, when you work with a professional window film installer, you’ll be on your way to making your workplace glare-free.

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