Commercial window film is quickly becoming the norm in many offices around Pittsburgh.

That’s because they’ve proven to be beneficial in many ways, which includes everything from increased employee productivity and reduced screen glare to protection from harmful UV rays, elimination of office hotspots, and overall savings in electricity costs. Thanks to these benefits, many business owners are seeing their return on investment quickly.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, certain types of specialty window films, such as Casper Cloaking Window Film, can also provide privacy while maintaining transparency in any working environment.

What is Casper Cloaking Window Film?

Casper cloaking window films are a great solution for business owners who want to find a balance between privacy and transparency in their office space. Casper cloaking window film helps mask digital screens from the outside viewer while maintaining the visibility of everything else within your office space. This prevents employees, customers, clients, and other guests from seeing what’s being presented to a particular set of employees.

These films work by blocking the LED and LCD lighting generated by computers, TV screens, and other monitors. This way, the office looks totally normal to the outside viewer, but also protects your privacy by not allowing them to see the screens. This creates the perfect balance between privacy and transparency.

Benefits of Casper Cloaking Window Film

If your Pittsburgh office is undergoing a renovation, then you should definitely consider Casper cloaking technology. Here are a few of the main benefits to consider:

Increase Privacy

Sometimes in commercial spaces, you can’t afford to display everything that is going on in your computer screen. Casper cloaking technology protects all modern screen types from being viewed by anyone on the outside. Such privacy could be a critical requirement in conference rooms. Casper cloaking films are not only a great solution for office spaces, but can also be utilized in bars and restaurants to help prevent people on the outside from watching major televised events for free.

Maintain Transparency

Many companies use curtains, drapes, or blinds to created a sense of privacy, but such provisions often make some spaces seem reserved and outdated. Casper cloaking technology leaves most of the conference room visible to outsiders and only blocks screens that transmit LED and LCD lighting.

Enhance Aesthetics

A major concern people may have when it comes to specialty film installation is that they’ll ruin the look of the office space. We can assure you that there is no reason to be concerned. Not only is this window decorative, but the technology in itself is enough to make people say ‘wow’!

Protect Data

Whether it’s protecting your financial data, a new business concept, or your personal password Casper cloaking window film can help protect your sensitive data from prying eyes.


In any working environment, maintaining privacy and transparency are two important factors to consider, which is why many business owners in Pittsburgh are choosing our Casper cloaking window films. For more information, contact our window film specialists today at 412-961-8468!

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