Natural light is one of the most essential features of a home, but there are drawbacks to unfiltered natural light that streams into your home.

Natural light can also cause damage not only to your home, the furniture, and the items in it but also to the people who live in it. From fading your furniture to risking skin cancer, the damage that it can cause is significant.

Aside from the problems caused by natural light, windows in homes can cause other issues, such as lapses in security, privacy problems, and dull aesthetics that can lower curb appeal.

Fortunately, a Pittsburgh window film company can help give your home an upgrade with the power of window film solutions. Here’s how these companies can help you revamp your home.

Large Windows

It’s easy to fall in love with the stunning, grand windows that reach the ceiling when you first see your house, and perhaps it was a significant part of why you decided to make it your home.

Despite the great aesthetic appeal they have, these large windows come with their own set of problems. For instance, they provide an easy way for your neighbors or passersby to look inside your home.

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing solution that doesn’t involve installing blinders and compromising the look of your home, a Pittsburgh window film company can offer decorative, frosted, or gradient window film as a great option for a large space, whether it’s a living room or a master bedroom.

Thanks to the availability of solar window film, you can also enjoy the morning sunrise without worrying about being watched or incurring any health risks.

In addition, window film can also help to regulate temperatures inside your home, making you rely less on your HVAC system, and allowing you to save more money on electricity bills.


Aside from the exterior of your house, the front entrance of your home is the first impression your guests will have of your home, so making a statement with decorative film in your front entryway can give you the reaction you’re looking for.

With many window films being designed to replicate the look of stained glass, you can achieve a unique look for your home. In addition to being able to screen guests before you let them in, you can also weed out ill-intentioned visitors who won’t know that you’re home.

Window film also can protect your rugs, drapes, and skin from UV light since sunlight from your windows can penetrate carpet fibers and cause them to fade.

Decorative film also adds to the beauty of your home’s entryway, giving it a unique and stunning curb appeal, and protecting your investments.

Bathroom Windows

Natural light and the opportunity for fresh air are always a great combination for a bathroom. Even though it’s a private space, decorative window film can help you revamp the look of your bathroom and even give you a water-resistant option for bathroom windows.

With window film, you don’t need to cover your windows with blinds or drapes since window film can give you the privacy you need. In other words, decorative privacy window film can give you privacy without you having to sacrifice natural lighting.

Whether you want to conceal your windows or the shower cubicle, there are several options that you can choose from to give an otherwise bland bathroom a patterned and colored look.

Closet Doors and Cabinets

Glass cabinets and closets are nice and could even give your home a modern look, but the problem is that a lot of effort is needed to keep them organized. Everyone loves using Tupperware, but when it comes to having them displayed in their home it’s perhaps not the most calming idea.

Frosted and patterned window film adds an element of character to your glass kitchen cabinets while concealing your less-than-presentable cabinets and closets.

In addition, you can also give your glass furniture an upgrade with decorative window film. Aside from cabinets, you can even apply window film on everything, from your glass coffee tables to the doors on your entertainment console cabinet.

Work with a Pittsburgh window film company today

Window film companies aren’t just skilled in window film installation; they also have access to a range of great window film solutions for homes. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, work with a reputable window film company in Pittsburgh today!

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