Healthcare facilities have a primary focus—patient safety.

And in the event of a disaster, whether it’s man-made or natural, medical personnel need to feel confident that the patients and medical equipment are safe and that the facility is capable of providing medical care.

For instance, medical facilities that are located on the Gulf Coast are particularly vulnerable to powerful storms that can jeopardize lives and also cause significant property damage.

As a precautionary measure, in 2004, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommended that hospitals protect windows in all nursing station, triage, reception, and admitting areas.

The OSHA also identified 3 factors that make hospitals especially vulnerable to risks: 24-hour access, increased use of hospitals to handle mental health patients who cannot find treatment, and law enforcement usage of hospitalization to contain intoxicated or aggressive individuals.

In addition, with the increase in mass shootings in crowded places, there’s a genuine risk that hospitals may be targeted as well. The need to have protective security film for windows, also called security window film, therefore, is essential.

Let’s look at some potential benefits of protective security film for hospitals.

Increased safety

Patient safety is of utmost importance in any medical facility. If an intruder breaks into your facility or if there’s a natural disaster, like an earthquake or hurricane, security window film can keep your windows from shattering.

Consider the St. John’s Hospital in Joplin, Missouri, where a tornado struck the town on 22 May 2011, leaving 5 people dead and many injured. The flying glass in the hospital was reported to be the leading cause of injuries.

Flying glass can become very dangerous to your patients. Professionally installed security window film, however, will ensure that the glass remains in relatively one place, even after shattering—this will help prevent glass shards from being strewn across the hospital interiors during catastrophic events.

Improved privacy

It’s a common misconception that protective security film for windows simply prevents people outside from looking into homes and offices—but it does so much more. Window film can offer privacy within a building as well—this is particularly critical inside doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Window film is often used to protect the privacy of patients in emergency rooms or delivery rooms. It can also create a barrier between patients who are sharing a room while they’re in recovery.

Some versions of security window film feature dual reflective surfaces, and this can help increase privacy in your hospital by blocking views to anyone outside and keeping your patients safe from prying eyes.

Enhanced comfort

Healthcare workers often leave the blinds closed to avoid the sun coming through and creating discomfort for their patients.

Add modern medical equipment to the mix and open windows can create an unbearable glare that can hurt your patient’s eyes and even contribute to rooms becoming too hot. Unfortunately, closing windows and blinds won’t work either as sunlight is important for a patient’s well-being.

Sunlight is known to stimulate the brain’s release of serotonin which improves a person’s mood and helps them feel focused and calm. In addition, it helps improve the quality of sleep and reduces blood pressure.

Security window film also features some degree of heat regulation, similar to solar window film, and can help keep your hospital warm, without it getting too hot, and will allow you to let in plenty of healthy sunlight for your patients to enjoy.

Make your hospital more secure with protective security film for windows

Hospitals are meant to be safe havens for people to get medical treatment and recover. Security is always the first thing on the minds of many people when we talk about hospitals, but with better safety, a hospital will garner a better reputation in its community.

Improving security doesn’t have to be expensive, sometimes all it takes is installing security window film. Speak with a well-known window film installer in your area to let your hospital benefit from protective security film for windows today.

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