Homeowners often resort to blinds and curtains to reduce sunlight and add an extra level of privacy to their residence.

However, if you’re looking for a flexible alternative, you should consider UV window films: an affordable, modern solution to blocking harmful UV rays without sacrificing natural sunlight. In addition, these window films offer many other benefits. Keep reading to discover the top five benefits of UV window films for your home.

1. Save on Energy Costs

High-quality window tint helps absorb heat inside your home during the winter and deflects heat during the summer. Additionally, they also reduce temperature imbalances in your home, creating a more comfortable environment for you and your family. This allows you to reduce heating and cooling costs, while keeping your electric bills low.

2. Protect Your Furnishings

You and your family are not the only ones affected by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure to the sun can fade and discolor your furnishings, upholstery, paintings, and tapestries, some of which might hold sentimental value to you. UV film from U.S. Film Crew helps block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays to help protect your valuable investments.

3. Reduce Harmful Ultraviolet Rays

As silly as it may sound, people need to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun, even inside of their homes. The rays that enter through unprotected windows can cause wrinkling, sun spots, and even skin cancer. With one out of five Americans suffering from skin cancer, why take the chance? UV window tinting can prevent these harmful rays from entering your humble abode while still allowing you to enjoy the sunlight in a safe way.

4. Create a Glare-Free Environment

Many homeowners are attracted to large windows, a trend that has become more common with modern architecture. They allow you to enjoy the unobstructed views of the outside and allow for more natural light. However, larger windows create glare, which disrupts your daily indoor activities and increases the strain on your eyes. With our UV window films, we can help you create a more relaxing, eye-friendly environment with electronics from phones to wide-screen TVs.

5. Add a Touch of Style to Your Home

Decorative window tinting can make your windows look sleek and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It maintains the natural look of the window, but also provides the a touch of elegance to boost your home’s curb appeal. These UV window films are water and making the windows much easier to clean. Our decorative window film is fully customizable, scratch-resistant, and adds an extra level of privacy and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Move on from those old-fashioned blinds and curtains and embrace UV window films, the modern-day solution to blocking sun and adding privacy to your home. For more information on our UV window film, contact us today at 412-961-8468!

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