Window film can give both commercial and residential buildings all kinds of useful benefits such as security, thermal comfort, and a boost in aesthetics.

For schools, security is one of the main reasons for window film installation, as film, like security window film, can strengthen glass surfaces and make schools safer for students and staff.

While security is very important, schools also need to provide a comfortable learning environment for students, and solar window film, sometimes called solar film, can make this happen.

This window film offers a host of great benefits for schools, including thermal regulation and insulation, that can boost comfort levels inside schools, making students feel more at home and help them concentrate in class.

Let’s take a look at the many ways solar film can help improve a school’s learning environment.

Reduces the intensity of solar glare indoors

Solar glare happens when sunlight hits shiny or reflective surfaces. Glare can not only cause distraction but can also cause visual discomfort and medical problems, such as migraines and sore eyes.

Solar film is capable of greatly reducing glare, improving visual comfort, and preventing distractions in classrooms. This will help students focus their full attention on their lessons while in class.

Places in schools where equipment with digital screens is used, like the computer lab and laboratory, can prevent glare with solar film, making it easier for students to work.

In addition, solar film can eliminate glare falling on whiteboards and smartboards, allowing students to have a clear, unobstructed view of what’s being shown on the boards.

Protects against UV radiation

UV radiation is dangerous to anyone who’s been exposed to it for a long time. These harmful rays can lead to serious medical problems like skin cancer and also cause cataracts.

This radiation can easily breach unprotected windows, enter classrooms, and be particularly harmful to students seated close to front-facing windows. UV radiation can also cause irreversible fading of school furniture and even affect some chemicals used in school laboratories.

Solar window film is capable of blocking out 99% of UV radiation from the sun, creating a safe and healthy environment for students.

Ensures better control of room temperatures

Managing the temperature in a classroom is very difficult to do, especially during the summer and winter months. Even with a good HVAC system, temperatures in classrooms may not always be optimal for students.

Solar film is capable of reducing heat gain inside classrooms during the hot months of summer, making it more comfortable for students. Alternatively, this film can also trap heat indoors during the winter to keep occupants warm.

With solar film installed, a school’s HVAC system won’t get overworked trying to keep interior temperatures low during the summer. This will lower the chances of the system breaking down and needing costly repairs, saving the school money that it can use to make a better learning environment for its students.

Maintains an unobstructed view in the classrooms

Direct sunlight can easily be blocked off using curtains or blinds, but such methods will prevent natural light from entering classrooms.

Natural sunlight can act as a mood booster and can help students perform better in class. Using solar window film instead of traditional blinds and curtains will allow plenty of sunlight to enter classrooms while keeping glare to a minimum and reducing heat gain.

Unobstructed windows can also make classrooms appear more spacious than they are and this can help reduce feelings of claustrophobia in some students, making them feel more at ease while learning.

Make your school more comfortable with solar window film

Window film solutions are an easy and cost-effective way to create a safer, more comfortable, and more visually appealing learning environment for your students. With solar window film, you can solve many of your school’s thermal problems and give your students a better academic experience.

Deciding the best way to use window film in your school can be difficult, so make sure to get in touch with your nearest window film installation company for an expert opinion.

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