In commercial buildings, windows and openings aren’t just about looks—they’re where light, privacy, and comfort all meet.

Window tinting offers an opportunity to make the most of your glass and get even more value out of your investment. With a little bit of product knowledge and some clever planning, window tinting offers outstanding solutions and benefits to just about any commercial establishment.

Understanding Visual Light Transmission

Like any other industry, window film comes with its own vocabulary, and understanding it can make a big difference in the types of solutions you choose and the amount of money you spend. 

For commercial window tinting, one of the most important terms to understand is “visible light transmission” or VLT.  VLT is typically expressed as percentages, representing the amount of visible light the film allows to pass through. The lower the percentage, the lower the light transmission, and the darker the film.

Exploring Your Options

The good news is that there are plenty of window film options with various VLTs to choose from. To set you on the right track, let’s explore the range of window films available to see what works best for particular commercial locations.

Virtually Clear Window Film: Above 70%

For locations that are looking to keep the same look of their glass, it’s best to start with films that offer a higher VLT. Window films with a higher VLT can offer protective measures like protection from UV rays and glare reduction while maintaining a natural appearance. It’s the ideal choice for locations that want to enhance their glass while maintaining current aesthetics.

Light Window Tint: 40 to 70%

Light window tint, which encompasses a general range of 40% to 70% visible light transmission, offers a subtle yet effective level of glare and heat rejection while still preserving natural light. In most cases, window films within this VLT range can offer higher levels of solar control performance at a cost effective rates with little change to aesthetics. These films are perfect for places like offices, retail stores, and restaurants aiming to improve their glass while still maintaining visibility to attract customers.

Medium Window Tint: 20 to 40%

Window films with a VLT level between 20% and 40% typically provide even stronger levels of solar control and glare reduction properties. At this level, window films can also start to provide privacy properties in the form of a “one-way mirror” effect under the right conditions. 

These films can be commonly seen in commercial settings looking for optimal occupant comfort and some privacy enhancements. Many hospitals, lobbies, and street-level businesses opt for an option within this range.

Darker Window Tint: 5 to 20%

Darker window films encompass the lowest range of the spectrum. At a VLT of just 5% to 20%, darker film limits visibility from the outside while creating a sleek, sophisticated appearance for commercial buildings. These films offer supreme heat rejection and max privacy in the form of reflectivity. They are ideal for spaces where privacy, glare, and temperature control are top priorities and daytime privacy is an absolute must.

Diverse Window Tinting and Commercial Success

With a broader understanding of commercial window tinting levels, it’s clear (no pun intended) that different options are suited for different situations. For most commercial institutions, however, the middle road is often the safest bet.

Window tinting between the levels of 20% and 50% is a great way to maximize the benefits of your windows, like views, shelter, and natural light, while minimizing the effects of glare, heat, and UV light. 

If you’re still uncertain about the best direction to take for your window tinting, U.S. Film Crew is here to help you decide. Whether you’re outfitting an office, a hospital, a restaurant, or any other commercial facility, we’re confident we can recommend the perfect film for you. Get in touch today to make the most of your commercial windows.

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