With the increased use of glass in modern architecture, window film has become a more ubiquitous part of popular interior design trends.

Today, it’s not surprising why—window film has many practical benefits: it enhances the privacy of intimate spaces and adds a layer of security in commercial and residential properties. Another, more underrated perk is the solar protection it offers.

Protection from UV rays has become a serious concern when it comes to modern property building and design. Given their ability to penetrate deep inside your living or working spaces, UV rays present a significant problem: If unprotected, you run the risk of cancer, especially given that UV radiation is associated with 90% of skin cancer, among other drastic health hazards including premature aging and DNA damage.

While decorative window film may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of UV protection, it can still protect you from the harsh effects of sun exposure.

How can decorative window film protect your property?

Whether you’re using it to improve your interior design or exterior facade, enhance your sense of seclusion and privacy or mimic specialty glass, decorative film is perfect for the job.

In addition to the fresh design element it adds, decorative film has plenty of other benefits and uses too, making it a great option for commercial and residential buildings. When it comes to solar protection, here’s what you can expect.

It can diffuse the harsh sunlight that enters your spaces

Window film designs like frosted glass, for example, can refract light and prevent it from falling inside.

This ensures that you’re not only protecting your spaces but that you’re also maintaining the perfect aesthetic inside; with decorative film that mimics specialty glass styles like etched or frosted glass, you’re not just diffusing the sunlight entering your property but you’re doing it in style too.

It can reduce solar glare

Solar glare can disrupt your day-to-day activities.

Generally, it falls on your screens—like your phone, computer, or TV—reflecting light and causing plenty of annoyance when it does. Glare that falls directly on you can cause even more damage including the formation of cataracts in your eyes or migraines.

Decorative window film may not have been made for the specific purpose of reducing glare like glare control or reflective film but it can get the job done, saving you from the unpleasant side effects of strong sunlight.

Designs with patterns or colors like art glass, tinted window film, patterned window film, and 3D film can be very useful if you’re looking to block the glare while making sure your space looks fantastic.

The tints, colors, and matte surfaces can block the glare inside by filtering the light.

It can reduce the heat inside your property

With reduced sunlight and glare, you can maintain a cool, pleasant internal temperature too.

In fact, did you know that window film can reject up to 78% of heat and block 99% of UV rays? This means a considerable amount of heat that would otherwise enter through your windows can be filtered out.

When you install decorative window film, it can also prevent heat damage to your walls, furniture and appliances.

As a result, it can maximize energy savings too, especially during the summer when the heat and glare are harshest, affecting how cool you feel inside your spaces.

Decorative film doesn’t just look good—it can also offer exceptional UV-ray protection

Sure, the primary purpose of decorative film is to meet certain aesthetic requirements inside your commercial or residential properties. That said, considering the level of UV protection it offers will ensure you enjoy more than just a pleasant-looking interior.

While it may not be as effective as glare reduction film, it can, however, act as a sun shield for your home and limit the harmful and damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

While UV rays are all around us, decorative window film can help you maintain safer and cooler spaces while ensuring you don’t compromise on the design of your property.

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