If you’ve ever considered installing window film on your building, you may be wondering how to go about choosing the right film for your needs and where to apply it. While many property owners are quick to understand the many benefits that window film provides, they sometimes choose to have it installed only in certain spots while avoiding hard-to-reach places.

If you’re going to have solar film installed in your home or commercial building, it’s important to do it right and take full advantage of its benefits — even if it involves applying it in places that are up high or inaccessible. Let’s explore why it’s vital to include those hard-to-reach places in your window film installation plans. 

What Does Window Film Do?

If you’re searching for “window solar film” — more commonly referred to as window film or solar film — it’s helpful to understand exactly what it is and how it works. Window film is a thin layer of coating applied to the exterior side of windows and reduces the amount of heat that enters your building.

The benefits of using exterior window solar film are significant. It can improve energy efficiency, resulting in less reliance on air conditioning systems and reducing your energy costs. Window film blocks harmful UV rays and reduces damage to the interior of your building by minimizing the amount of fading of interior furnishings and protecting valuable equipment. It can also reduce sun glare and enhance your privacy during daylight hours.

Why Use Solar Film in Hard-to-Reach Places?

Some property owners opt not to install window film in places that are hard to reach. Unfortunately, doing so can cause them to miss out on the significant advantages that window film provides. Leaving any hard-to-reach places exposed to sunlight still allows heat and UV rays into the building and reduces the impact of energy efficiency. 

This is why it makes the most sense to apply solar film to ALL your windows, even the hard-to-reach ones. Thankfully, once it is applied, it lasts for years with minimal maintenance required, making it an ideal solution for those inaccessible windows. The energy-saving and protective benefits apply equally to all windows, regardless of their accessibility.

Here are some specific examples of the types of hard-to-reach places where window film can — and should — be used:


Skylights can offer a beautiful way to let in natural light, but they can also be a source of heat gain and glare. Window film can be used to reduce heat gain and glare from skylights, while still allowing natural light to pass through.

High Windows

High windows can be difficult or impossible to reach with curtains or blinds. Window film can be used to provide privacy and UV protection for high windows, while still letting in light.

Atriums and Solariums

Atriums and solariums can be a beautiful addition to any home or commercial building, but heat, glare, and UV rays can still pass through. Applying window film in these features ensures that you’re minimizing heat gain and making the most of your energy efficiency.

High-Rise Buildings

Buildings with multiple stories can pose challenges to providing the best protection to your people and valuables inside. Since window film does a great job of improving energy efficiency, reducing glare, enhancing privacy and security, and protecting furnishings and artwork, it only makes sense to apply it to all window surfaces, including spots that are difficult to access.

Installation of Solar Film on Hard-to-Reach Windows

Installing solar film on hard-to-reach windows can be a difficult process for those without expert experience and equipment. It requires precision and care to ensure that the film adheres properly and lasts for many years. We strongly recommend hiring professionals — like the team at U.S. Film Crew — who have the necessary expertise.

Safety is also a major consideration, especially when installing window film in places that are difficult to reach. Professionals are trained and prepared to handle all kinds of installation challenges on your behalf.

Trust U.S. Film Crew for All Your Window Film Needs

For building owners in the greater Pittsburgh area seeking professional solar film installation, call U.S. Film Crew. Our expert installers guarantee that your film is applied with precision and will last for years. 

Our team has years of experience installing window film in high-reach areas and other nooks and crannies. We coordinate all the logistics if we need to use boom lifts or scaffolding. U.S. Film Crew also maintains all the necessary professional certifications, including OSHA, scaffolding erection, swing staging, and even first aid and CPR. Our team has you covered!


Don’t let those hard-to-reach windows prevent you from taking advantage of the many benefits of solar film. Reach out to us today for a quote and let us help make your building more energy efficient, comfortable, and protected.

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