With the summer slowly coming to an end, schools all over the country are starting to open up, much to the chagrin of students who’re still in the mood for summertime escapades.

With students and staff returning to work soon, school administrative bodies need to work on making their institutions safer before the new school year begins. With many troubling recent events, such as school shootings, improving safety in schools is a necessity.

Many traditional security measures, such as installing a surveillance system and implementing checkpoints at the school gates are very effective at keeping out suspicious individuals, but there is one security measure that’s quite underrated—window film solutions, namely school security window film, or security window film for short.

Along with a well-planned security system, security window film can help make schools much safer. It’s also very easy to install, only needing to be applied to existing glass surfaces, allowing you to save money on expensive glass replacements.

Security window film doesn’t always come with tints or patterns. If you want your school’s windows to look untouched, while still making them stronger, this window film is a great choice.

Here’s a look at the many ways security window film can make a school much safer for everyone.

Prevents intruders

Windows are common entry points for intruders. With tools like hammers and ice picks, intruders can easily shatter glass windows and enter.

Once applied, school security window film can help reinforce glass surfaces, making them much harder to break with typical tools used for breaking and entering.

It should be noted, however, that installing this window film won’t completely deter intruders, but it can help slow them down. This will give the staff ample time to call the authorities and get the students to safety.

Averts damage from collisions and natural disasters

Security window film can make glass surfaces shatterproof, preventing them from breaking into dangerous shards that could cause injury. In addition, it can protect the glass from accidental breaks.

This window film can also prevent windows from breaking and spraying glass shards indoors during extreme weather events. This can help protect students and staff from glass-related injuries.

Protects against vandalism

For most schools in the country, vandalism has always been a major problem. School property often becomes a target for vandalism, and sometimes, vandals are students themselves.

By installing security window film, you can protect your school’s windows from common types of vandalism, such as spray painting, and impacts with blunt objects. In the case of graffiti, the window film makes spray paint much easier to clean up.

In addition, you can save money on the cost of having to replace glass that had been ruined by vandalism.

Provides a cost-effective security upgrade

Making security upgrades to improve school security can be expensive, especially since schools need to use a large portion of their budget for education-related activities.

Fortunately, school security window film is relatively inexpensive compared to many other security measures.

Especially if your school is situated in a place where vandalism is common, the crime rate is high, or extreme weather events occur often, you could expect to pay thousands of dollars to repair damage to windows and other glass surfaces every year.

When window film is applied to a window, even if the window film does start to show signs of damage after being vandalized, it will still protect the glass. All you need to do is remove the damaged window film and replace it with a new one, which is significantly cheaper than buying a new sheet of glass.

With the help of security window film, you can cut down these costs effectively, without compromising your school’s security measures.

Install school security window film before the school year kicks off

The earlier you can have school security window film installed in your school, the better. Schools need to be a safe environment for students and staff, and this simple solution can greatly increase school security.

If window film is something you haven’t considered before, get in touch with a well-reputed window film installer to find out the best ways to install security window film in your school.

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