There are many ways to make your beautiful home even more eye-catching. You can buy new furniture, give your walls a stylish new paint job, or install some new lighting.

Giving your home an aesthetic upgrade doesn’t always have to be expensive or time-consuming—sometimes all it takes is installing a layer of window film on your home’s glass surfaces.

Enter residential decorative window film.

This window film is a great alternative to etched glass since you only need to apply it to your home’s existing window glass. This allows you to avoid expensive glass replacements.

Now, decorative window film is very diverse, and installing any kind of this type of film in your house might not work. The decorative film you choose needs to resonate with your home and also offer some non-aesthetic benefits.

Here are five tips on how to choose the right decorative window film for your home.

1. Choose your preferred type of tint

Residential decorative window film comes in a range of tint percentages and colors. Almost all decorative window film types are translucent, but the tint percentage determines how much light the film will let through.

When choosing decorative window film you need to choose the right tint percentage to determine how much light you want to enter your rooms.

For instance, if you prefer well-lit rooms, choose a decorative window film with a higher tint percentage, and for darker rooms, choose a lower tint percentage.

2. Determine the style and aesthetic you want

Decorative window film comes in many great designs, but only a few will work for your home.

When choosing decorative window film, you need to choose a design that perfectly complements your home’s architecture and aesthetics. It also needs to go well with the painting style, and to a lesser degree, the furniture style.

For example, for modern homes with a minimalist design, simple decorative tint film will work best, while window film with floral patterns is best suited for highly stylized homes.

If you also prefer quirkier and more eye-catching aesthetics for your home, you can use holographic, stained glass-style, or geometric patterned decorative window film. If you can find the right style for your home and want it personalized, some window film installers offer custom window film to suit your taste or your home’s general design.

3. Figure out which functional properties to look for

Decorative window film can do more than just add aesthetic appeal to your home—it also comes with other benefits like improved privacy and enhanced security.

By choosing a decorative window film with a lower tint percentage, you can reduce glare and to a certain extent, reduce heat build-up. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can also block views of sensitive parts of your home, like bathrooms and bedrooms.

You can also achieve some protection from UV rays by choosing a higher tint percentage for your decorative window film. Though decorative window film is not designed to block these harmful rays the way solar window film does, it can still provide some degree of UV protection.

4. Weigh cost vs durability

You’ll want to make sure that the window film you choose is a worthy investment—the decorative window film you choose should be durable and cost-effective and must come with a good warranty.

It’s also always better to pick a higher-quality window film. High-quality decorative window film lasts a long time, has better designs, and is less likely to lose its aesthetic appeal over time. It also comes with warranties that promise to guarantee its durability.

Even if the window film you choose is more expensive than you expected, the long-term benefits and durability will make your decision worth it.

5. Consider an installation service

If you want to get the best out of decorative window film for your home, you should consider working with professional window film installers.

Window film installers know everything there’s to know about decorative window film and they can help you decide which window film patterns work best for your home. They also guarantee that your film will be installed perfectly, ensuring that the window film will last long.

Residential decorative window film solutions are a must-have

Decorative window film is a simple solution that can add to your home’s aesthetics while letting you benefit from a host of additional features as well. Speak to your nearest window film installation service to see how decorative window film can transform your home.

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