These days, whether it’s your home or office building, we are surrounded by windows.

The good thing about having windows is that it offers us light that can brighten up any room, help save energy, enhance mood, and add a connection to the outside world.

We know how vulnerable your windows and glass can be, resulting to a higher rise in intrusion and potential danger. Lucky for us, there are security window films that help keep you and others safe while still offering all the benefits of natural light. And these films are utilized to help safeguard against vandalism and break-ins, natural disasters, and accidents.

What is Security Window Film?

Security film films are PET films applied to glass and glazing to hold them together when the glass is broken or shattered.

Does Window Security Film Really Work?

Yes. Security window film can deter intruders long enough for law enforcement to arrive. A glass window that is hard to break can be a powerful deterrent, as thieves don’t want to stick around longer than needed. Furthermore, security window films also safeguard against flying shards of glass while helping avoid burglaries.

Benefits of Security Window Film

So what are the main benefits of window security film and is it really worth my investment? See below for a list of the benefits:

Protection From Natural Disasters

Bad weather may not take place frequently. However, security window films can help avoid any shattered and broken windows when a natural disaster happens.

Shatter Resistant

Security window film also helps you from getting hurt from shards of glass. The film holds the glass fragments together when the window is impacted. That can avoid any further damage to your home.

Unobstructed Visibility

You can still take advantage of all the benefits of natural light even after adding security window film to your office or home. The film is barely detectable and thin, allowing you to enjoy the view.

Enhanced Privacy

Do you like privacy and security? Security window films can provide you both! With security window film, you can deter intruders from looking and/or entering your home or office space.

How Do You Install Security Window Film?

We recommend that you contact a certified window film company near you. However, if you prefer to install it yourself, we suggest that you follow the instructions below:

  1. Clean your window by scraping it. Use a squeegee to wipe the window and clean the corners.
  2. Cut the film to a rough oversize for thin films or an exact fit for thick films.
  3. Wet your window with a distilled water and baby shampoo. Remove the back of the film, spray it, and apply.
  4. Use your squeegee to remove the water from the top down. Press the water out of the sides and ensure you don’t push the water across the area that has been squeegeed.
  5. You may like to squeegee the window again for thicker films.
  6. Use a plastic blade or hard card over the corner. Push the water from the window’s edges.

Things That Can Affect the Overall Price

While a relatively inexpensive alternative, there are several factors that can impact the price of a security window film. Some of these include:

Travel Accommodations

The proximity of your home or office build may play a factor in the overall price. If so, then overnight accommodations may be required. Travel time is also a consideration.

Equipment Access

If it’s a commercial window film installation project, there could be instances of windows that are too high for extension ladders. In such cases, swing stage, scaffolding, boom lifts, or scissor lifts may be needed.

Removal of Current Film

If you have film that needs to be replaced, then the total number of windows will be factored into the overall price. It’s important that you take the proper precautions to avoid damaging your glass.

Working Conditions

Clear access to the windows will reduce the cost. Meanwhile, challenging clearances such as high-ladder and cluttered conditions will raise the cost.

Type of Film

You will find various types of security window films that fit a wide array of requirements. Click here to learn more about residential window film; click here to learn more about commercial window film. If you need a sun control layer added, the price can increase.

French Panes

Take note that small French panes are far more demanding than big windows without dividers. That will boost the time it takes to finish the work and raise costs.

Size & Thickness

These films also come in numerous sizes. The more film you need, the higher the price. The thicker the film, the higher the price as well. In addition, those thin nano-security films are more expensive than standard security films.

Consider all the information provided in this guide the next time you decide to buy and install window security film for your home or home building.

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