Extra Large Project: the Collaboration to Make it Happen

Steve Pesce, Director of New York Window Film Company, had a dilemma which he quickly turned into an opportunity. He had successfully contract a project in Midtown Manhattan for a 38-story building encompassing 170,000 square feet of window film which needed to be removed and a new solar film installed. His full-time crew could complete the project but that would delay the rest of his business; both affecting current job completion and the pursuit of future business.

“For a large project, U.S. Film Crew fit perfectly. They provided project management, daily reports, and project goals and were thorough with their work,” Pesce said. USFC has the intangibles needed for a project of this stature and size. They excel in project management and pride themselves on developing effective strategy for large, obstacle-ridden projects. Two obstacles were clear and causing tension. A series of windows, especially on the higher floors, were covered by building columns and convection units. A total of 6 inches separated the floor-to-ceiling windows from the columns supporting the structure with only single-sided access to install the film. Convection units also lined the walls and covered the bottom three feet of the window.

The initial idea was to detach all of these “covered” windows by way of the exterior, remove the film, install the new film, and then replace the window again. It was estimated to cost $1 million to complete the process. Glenn Yocca and the U.S. Film Crew proposed a series of film removal and installation trials by making personal modifications to their existing tools. “We saved them a lot of time and money by problem-solving through an obstacle that the industry said ‘couldn’t be done’.” The trials were successful and efficiently implemented on the actual windows.

U.S. Film Crew has a history of delivering a comprehensive service to any building manager, installation company, or film dealer. Their expert, efficient, experienced installers allow you to know the project will be completed to your standards. Their project management and strategy implementation lead to higher efficiencies and better communication.

Glenn Yocca and his U.S. Film Crew were able to manage 8,300 windows on a 38-story building in Midtown Manhattan. Glenn successfully navigated the building owners, three vitally important tenants, and four installation crews, while continuing to provide daily journals and nightly walk-through summaries to Steve of the New York Window Film Company. “Our client seemed pleased. No complaints. For a job that size, that’s what you want,” Steve concluded. A three-month timetable reduced to 40 days, costly obtactles turn to innovative ideas, and competing installation companies maturing into a quality, efficient collaboration.

For more information, please contact U.S. Film Crew President: Glenn Yocca, [email protected].

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