Statistics show that 65% of break-ins in the United States occur by breaking the window or door glass.

Traditional windows or glass doors don’t require much effort to break into; any solid object in hand or the right minimal force will do the job of sufficiently shattering the glass enough for intruders to reach in and unlock the windows.

An innovative solution that levels up burglar proofing is security window films. With security being a top priority for businesses and homeowners, it is smart to add an extra layer of protection that will better protect them.

While window film cannot prevent a determined burglar from getting what they want, they are good enough to deter or delay the break-in giving enough time for the cops to show up at the scene.

Keep in mind that one of the main objectives for an intruder is to get in and out as fast as possible without being detected.

Using security window film and additional safety systems can considerably slow down their attempt and frustrate them.

Here’s the rundown of installing security window films to your window panes and doors.

How do security window films work?

Similar to automotive windshield glass, security window films keep your glass from shattering upon impact and keep it intact.

While a common misconception about window films installation is that windows and doors are thereafter impenetrable, security window film is meant to strengthen regular glass reducing the window of opportunity for breakage.

A general rule of thumb with security window film is that the thicker the film, the more durable and more difficult it is to puncture, tear and break into.

With security window films, engage in better security, greater convenience, and a guaranteed return on investment.

What are the benefits that security window films offer?

Below are just a few reason why you should consider security window films for your home or office:


These window films are known to hold the glass in the event of an impact without shards being formed and prevent fragments from being scattered, which could be dangerous for those in close proximity to the glass. In addition, by installing security window films, you are further protecting your investments by ensuring that it will be harder for thieves and vandals to break into.

Keep in mind that the very delay you create for intruders makes your property lesser of an option for break-ins even to be considered.

Temperature control

Security window films also are effective in reducing the amount of sunlight and heat that can pass through. This reduces the amount of cooling requirement needed and the strain on your HVAC systems.

Enjoy being environment friendly while having a lower energy bill. Take the leap with this window film and combine security and energy savings under one roof.

Protection from adverse weather conditions

If you are located in an area that is prone to extreme weather conditions then security window films can come to your aid in helping your windows and doors become more resistant to excessive force and heavy rainfalls.

Avoid the expense of costly, drapes and window treatments to help insulate your property against excessive heat and cold weather conditions with the right window film that will help keep the comfort all year around.

Security window films—an effective solution

Property security is an ever-evolving field that continues to sprout new solutions to protect your property and its occupants from intruders. Secure your home by preventing intruders exploiting your home’s weakness. Start with security window films and expand this objective to all corners of your business and home.

Indeed you will require additional measures to ensure your property’s safety, and it’s up to you, as the homeowner or business owner, to assess your security needs and address any weakness you can find.

Guarantee your peace of mind in knowing your place is secure by hiring the experts for a quick, efficient job. Speak with a professional window film installer today!

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