In the digital age, physical security and data protection share an equal level of importance. Finding reliable solutions for each, as it turns out, may be an easier fix than it seems. With versatile window film, security is only a simple installation away.

At U.S. Film Crew, we offer a range of diverse solutions to improve the physical and visual security of your commercial spaces, from conference rooms to storefronts. Let’s explore how the right window film can be a valuable tool in protecting your physical and digital privacy.

Physical Safety With Security Film 

In terms of window film, security starts with reinforcement. Security films are constructed of strong, microlayers of polyester, designed to fortify windows against breakage. Below are a few of the key features that you can expect from security films:

Shatter Resistance

The most essential advantage security window film can offer is reinforcement of the structural integrity of glass. By holding the glass together on impact, this film creates a safer, more secure environment. It acts as an additional barrier against forced intrusion, protecting your business from civil unrest, break-ins, and burglaries.

Subtle Protection

One of the most appealing benefits of security window film is its subtlety. Though the formidable polyester layers create a sound defense against intruders, the film’s natural state is virtually unnoticeable. This means businesses can discreetly implement a heightened level of security without alerting potential intruders, creating an extra layer of protection. 

Protection Against Natural Disasters

Another frequently overlooked advantage of security film is its protection against natural threats. In addition to preventing forced entry, security films can mitigate the risks of natural disasters, safeguarding occupants and facilities from hazards such as flying glass shards and exposed building openings that could expose occupants and belongings to temperamental natural elements.

Alternative Films for Installation Privacy

While physical security is undoubtedly essential, the security of digital information is just as high a priority. Cloaking films offer the same air-tight protection for your information, protecting screens and computers from outside interference. 

Screen Blocking Capabilities

Casper Cloaking Film offers an exceptionally innovative approach to information security by blocking out the visibility of screens from external eyes. By blocking certain wavelengths emitted by most LED screens, Casper film causes screens to appear powered off when viewed through covered glass.

Radio Frequency and Infrared Shielding

Signals defense film, meanwhile is a cloaking film engineered to block out a variety of interfering signals from reaching your critical digital infrastructure. This includes both infrared and radio frequencies, which might otherwise intercept sensitive information. 

For information technology institutions and government agencies alike, these window films are an indispensable security resource.

Versatile Window Film Security Solutions From U.S. Film Crew

Here at U.S. Film Crew, we understand better than anyone the extent of the security needs the commercial world demands. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of window film security options to protect your business, your information, and your clientele. 

As the leading window film experts of greater Pittsburgh, our expertise has propelled a variety of local and national projects into professional levels of security. To discover the potential of security and privacy films for your windows, get in touch with Pittsburgh’s most experienced provider today,

Elevate the security of your glass. Contact U.S. Film Crew today.

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