When you move into a brand new home, the first thing you want to do is to make it feel more personal.

A brand new set of furniture, a new paint job, or some garden upgrades are some of the go-to upgrades that anyone would think of.

One very underrated way of giving your new home an improvement is residential window tinting solutions. Window films may sound like a very simple addition to a home, but they come with all kinds of unique benefits.

Also, window film is very diverse. Hence, you might experience certain benefits from particular kinds of window film that you never imagined before. Plus, they can add more value to your home and its aesthetics.

Here are some residential window tinting solutions every new home should have.

Solar window film

One of the most popular residential window film solutions is solar window film. This window film is designed to make your home’s interior more comfortable and safe against harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Solar window film filters strong sunlight entering your home, keeping your home’s interiors cool. They also prevent glare, which can irritate eyes and make it difficult to see computer or television screens.

Ultraviolet rays can cause fading on furniture and upholstery, ruining their aesthetics. Thanks to the UV-blocking capabilities of solar window film, you won’t need to worry about having to replace faded furniture any time soon.

Security window film

A new home should be safe and secure. While there are many home security systems on the market today, a small upgrade like security window film can add an additional level of fortification to your home.

Robberies, home invasions, and vandalism are common fears every new homeowner has to deal with. Fortunately, security window films can do wonders for a home’s safety and security.

This window film is extremely durable and is designed to reinforce glass surfaces. In addition, the film makes it harder to break the glass, preventing shattered glass from scattering into your home.

Security window film does all this while keeping your windows crystal clear and maintaining your home’s aesthetics.

Decorative window film

As the name suggests, this type of window film is designed for aesthetics. Decorative window film features all kinds of patterns, from gradient to matte, frost and more.

Decorative window film can be used to not only give your home’s window glass a new look, but it can be fitted to glass doors too. In addition, by mixing and matching different decorative window film styles with your furniture, you can give your home a more personalized and unique-looking interior.

An additional benefit of decorative window film is that the patterns etched on it can block views, allowing you to enhance your home’s level of privacy.

Bird safety window film

Windows can be a hazard for wildlife, especially birds.

A lot of the time, birds are unable to see glass, causing them to fly right into them. Sadly, some of these creatures might not survive the impact, and for many people, especially young children, witnessing such an event can be traumatizing.

Impacts with birds could also damage your windows, leading to some expensive replacement costs for new window glass.

This is where bird safety film can save lives and costly repairs at the same time!

Bird safety window film is designed to help birds see the reflective glass that would usually appear invisible to them. The patterns on the window film break reflections, allowing birds to see the glass before it’s too late.

Anti-fog window film

Fogged-up windows can be an eye-sore for any new home.

Fogging makes windows obscure, making it difficult to see outside. When you want to look out at nature from the comfort of your home during winter or the rainy season, foggy windows can ruin your experience.

Windows obscured by fog can also be a safety concern as they prevent you from seeing out into your yard, making you unaware of what’s going on outside.

Anti-fog window film prevents your windows or glass doors from fogging up, keeping your windows crystals clear at all times.

Residential window tinting solutions can bring the best out of a home

Every homeowner wants to make their new home safer, more comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. You can give your new home a much-needed upgrade and an all-new personality with window film solutions.

For the best window tinting results, work with a professional window film installer in your area.

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